Jesus is Better than the Super Bowl

The super bowl is this weekend – as if you didn’t know.  Since my Carolina Panthers dropped out of the running in the playoff games, I didn’t really have a preference towards either team playing – until I saw this video.  I think I might root for Seattle now.

Mark Driscoll, Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, did this interview with some of the Seattle players.  Although it’s only three minutes long, it’s packed with powerful statements. Not about the game or their desire to win. Not about the reasons they think they will. Not about their talents, experience levels or passion.

But about the fact that Jesus is everything.  They are telling the world that the Super Bowl might fill you up with excitement for a day, but only Jesus can fill you up for a life.

What a blessing to see these big, strong, manly football players open up with their true feelings, admitting they are weak without their Savior, expressing their excitement over sharing Jesus, and confessing their need for Him in their lives.

But to hear them admit that Jesus is better than a super bowl win….. wow.

CLICK HERE to watch this video.

Have a fun time watching football on Sunday and stay safe!




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