The Secret Is Out!

Ever felt like a throw away person? Me too.

What is a “throw away person”? Anyone who has ever been harshly criticized, rejected, abandoned, abused, cast out by people they loved, or hurt by enemies whether physically or emotionally.  Anyone who has dealt with broken hearts, painful memories, crushed dreams, and dashed hopes. Anyone who has ever felt like they didn’t measure up, didn’t have any special talents or gifts, and felt like they had no purpose in life.  Anyone who ever made a mistake or sinned in a way that they deeply regret but can’t take back.

Simply put, anyone who has ever been hurt by living in a broken world and wondered if their value was gone as a result.

I bet you can relate to at least one of those descriptions above, right? No one is immune from pain, adversity, hardships, sin, or heartaches. But no one has to let those things define their self worth or steal their value, because everyone – yes everyone – is intrinsically and unconditionally valuable to Jesus. That’s good news!!

The even better good news is that not only does our past not steal our worth, but it equips us to carry out a specific, unique and divine purpose in life that God planned just for us. And friend, that truth excites me!

As I mentioned in todays Proverbs 31 Devotion, You Are Not A Throw Away Person, I’m gearing up for the release of my new book which shares this powerful truth and helps equips readers to embrace their purpose in God’s kingdom, not despite their past but because of it – and you are cordially invited to join me.

How fun it will to be to partner with each other in empowering women to leave the past behind, yet use it as a foundation for discovering a beautiful future they never thought was possible before – and maybe one they never even considered before. Yep, God has a few secrets up His holy sleeve for every one of us.

I hope you’ll consider applying to join the Your Life Still Counts (YLSC) Launch team!  Click on the YLSC button on the right side of my blog side bar to get all the info. And check out my post from last week which shares more info about about why I felt God leading me to put this group together in the first place.

Happy hump day! :-)



  1. says

    I have to admit that there are so many times that I feel like a “throw away” person. I am interested in being part of your launch team, but, to be honest, I do not have many friends in facebook, and my blog only has one follower. I don’t think that I would be much help to you. However, I will be praying for you as you go throughout this time. It is exciting, overwhelming and probably scary all at the same time for you. You are brave. Good luck. Leigha

    • tmiles says

      Thank you Leigha! Prayers are more valuable than anything else! God certainly doesn’t need social media to get the message where HE wants it to be. So thank you for praying!

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