Coaching Intensive

Writing can not only feel overwhelmingly difficult and frustrating at times, but also overwhelmingly lonely. As a result, it’s all too easy to get frustrated, give up, lose motivation, become uninspired, and simply get tired of feeling isolated and stuck in a rut.  Coaching Intensive will provide the community and personal camaraderie with other writers you are craving with the added benefit of one on one and group coaching video calls. 

Have you always wanted a mentor to help you navigate writing your book as well as breaking into the publishing industry? Wish you had a group of friends who "get you" and your passion to write?

This six month intensive coaching experience can help you take your writing dreams to the next level. Coaching Intensive will include:

  • An intensive 6 month semester of writing coaching where writers will learn everything there is to know about writing an impressive book proposal, crafting their concept and their manuscript, pitching their book, and launching their product.
  • Six 90 minute one on one zoom coaching calls, one per month
  • Advice on building your platform and writing your book to market well
  • Three bi-monthly 90 minute zoom calls with your fellow Coaching Intensive Group members to learn about one important aspect of writing per call. These calls will also include sharing and brainstorming of ideas, bouncing thoughts off each other, asking questions, and gleaning encouragement to help you feel less alone in your writing 
  • Three submissions (once every two months) of book proposal content and up to three sample chapters, to receive critique, feedback, suggestions and editing
  • Tips for speaking to your audience and making sure you're hitting the felt needs of your reader.
  • Exclusive admission to private Facebook group for Coaching Intensive members only where you can stay connected with your fellow Coaching Intensive members who understand your passion as well as enjoy direct access to Tracie.
  • Assistance with writing query letters to agents or publishers and tips on how to land an agent or contract
  • Suggestions and discussions on growing your online platform with special guests who are experts in the social media industry
  • Guaranteed to have your book proposal and/or manuscript submitted to an agent or publisher for consideration 
  • Potential to have Tracie Miles write an endorsement for your book, based solely on Tracie’s discretion.
  • Free access to two MasterClasses of your choice (when available - state value) 
  • Guidance on how to make sure your book concept is strong and aligns with your passions.

(For writers who already have a completed book proposal and/or a book contract, writers can choose to do three submissions of six sample chapters for review and feedback)

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