Your Life Still Counts Individual Session Videos $2.99 each

Introduction Video (6 minutes, 21 seconds)

  • Why Tracie wrote the book Your Life Still Counts
  • What we can learn from the blind man who was healed
  • Benefits of participating in this bible study
  • What we can look forward to by allowing God to turn our past into our purpose

Video 1: You Are Precious to God (14 minutes, 20 seconds)

  • Overcoming the diseases of shame and regret
  • Learning to see ourselves as God sees us
  • Embracing our value in Christ
  • Believe that God’s promises can be trusted

Video 2: God Has A Purpose For Your Pain (15 minutes, 37 seconds)

  • God's call to "go and share"
  • Learning to live life on purpose
  • Refusing to let our pain be for nothing

Video 3: Taking Off The Masks (21 minutes, 9 seconds)

  • Breaking free from shame and regret
  • Allowing God to regenerate our lives from the inside out
  • Believing we have potential for great things

Video 4: From Comfort Zone to Faith Zone (13 minutes, 6 seconds)

  • Finding the courage to be stretched, get our feet wet, and move forward
  • Why we should consider leaving our comfort zones
  • Discovering the strength and desire to take a leap of faith

Video 5: Learning To Trust God’s Plans (11 minutes, 29 seconds)

  • Embracing God’s promise found in Jeremiah 29:11
  • Learning to trust God with our lives and our futures
  • How to say YES to God

Final Week Video: Let Your Life Serve as Proof as The Power of Jesus Christ (11 minutes, 28 seconds)

  • Understanding the concept of “going and sharing” and how we are called to do that in our lives
  • Lessons we learn from the story of the demon possessed man and the herd of pigs
  • Glean empowerment and inspiration to “go and share” and let God use our lives as a shining testament for Him

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