Fuel Your Writing Dreams

A dream without a goal is just a wish. A goal without a plan is just a dream. 

The only difference between where you are today in your writing and where you want to be, is the steps you have yet to take. 

If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never achieve it.

If you don’t determine what steps will take forward, you’ll always stay in the same place. 

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It’s called fuel for a reason. Fuel is meant to keep you going .... over the miles, into the distance, and to your destination. When we pour the fuel of intention and motivation, pulled in at the gas station and filled up the tank. Our writer's tank. When our writer's tanks are full, our writing takes on new speed.

Setting goals for ourselves and our writing aspirations also fuels our success. Yet all too often, writers only dream about their dreams, rather than march towards them in bold faith.

Don't be afraid to call yourself a writer. If you have a legacy you want to leave through your words, you need a strategy to start making those dreams come true.

Leaving a legacy doesn't just happen. It requires taking charge of your destiny, knowing what your dreams are, and then creating an organized plan to meet them that keeps you motivated and moving forward.

Goal setting is the key to success in any aspect of life. Just as a builder wouldn’t be successful in building a house without a blueprint, we can’t effectively work towards making our writing dreams come true if we neglect to set specific goals and develop a solid course of to achieve them. Things don’t just happen – we have to make them happen!

Why is setting goals important for a writer?

All too often, a writer is on the cusp of a breakthrough in their career or making great strides in their writing growth, but remain unaware simply because they have no way to track their growth, progress or accomplishments.

Without goals and solid strategies, it's easy to lose the motivation to keep going, and that is where dreams become nothing more than a forgotten wish.

With questionnaires, goal setting templates, reflection questions, inside tips and guidance about the realities of the publishing industry, you’ll walk away with a solid strategy to get on track, stay on track and start making your publishing dreams come true.  Even more important, you'll get excited about not only setting your goals but striving for them!

Making progress in pursuing your dreams takes courage. With this package, Tracie will guide you through the logistics of setting solid goals and strategies for achieving them, but will also fill you with renewed enthusiasm, excitement and courage to step into your destiny. And what follows courage? Confidence! With goals, courage and confidence, you can conquer the world.

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If you are ready to set yourself up for success with your writing goals, I’m here to help.


This package includes:

  • One initial 30 minute Dreams Discussion via ZOOM
  • Two 30 minute mentoring/coaching ZOOM calls to discuss your dreams, uncover your true goals and desires, identify obstacles and set word counts per month and time frames for success
  • Assistance with outlining and setting short and long goals using the SMART formula
  • Inside tips on the publishing industry and how to get your big break
  • Reflection questions to help you identify obstacles to your success
  • A shared folder and working document to keep notes, progress and files 
  • A digital Fuel Your Writing Dreams Workbook
  • The digital Fuel Your Writing Dreams Implementation Plan
  • Digital Creativity Inspiration Journal 

Fuel Your Writing Dreams

$247 Fuel Your Writing Dreams Package