Book Writing Coaching
Manuscript Development

If you feel you have a book in your heart and a story to tell, but don't know where or how to start, then this package would be a great fit for you. I will help you get off the blank page and start putting down what God has done in your life, unearth your story and lessons learned, and determine how you can craft your story in a way that will engage readers.

I'll help you with developing an outline for content and structure, provide constructive feedback on writing, offer solid polish and praise points, and assist with solid crafting of concepts. We will hold hands and partner together to shape your book idea, chapters and/or manuscript draft into something that will not only impress the socks off an agent or publisher but change the lives of the people who read it.

Do you have a story in your heart that you feel passionate about sharing, but don't know how to get off the blank page? Ever wonder if the book you feel called to write is needed in today's literary market? Unsure how to write a book that grabs a reader's attention, engages them and captures their heart?

This 8 week program will help you get off the blank page and tackle all the important elements of how to write a book that tells your story and changes lives. You'll receive:

  • Initial one hour Breakthrough Session via ZOOM to get to know each other, discuss goals, your story, your overall book concept, unique angle, writing strategies, tips, etc. 
  • Four one hour zoom calls to review and discuss written content and progress and ongoing needs as you begin to develop your manuscript.
  • Guidance on setting writing goals that will help you reach your goals in the time frame you desire, including word counts per week/month, deadlines, etc. to help hold you accountable for moving forward and achieving your dreams.
  • Learn how a chapter outline develops and receive help with crafting a solid outline.
  • Receive online feedback for up to three chapters and assistance with writing chapter outline, including suggestions for improvement, as well as praise and polish point.
  • Guidance on how to make sure your book concept is strong, has a unique angle that will attract a publisher or agent's attention while staying aligned with your passions.

You'll also receive invaluable free digital resources, including:

  • Book Proposal Template 
  • Pursuing Your Dreams Goal Setting Workbook
  • Pursuing Your Dreams Implementation Plan Workbook
  • How to Craft a Chapter Outline
  • as well as advice on building your platform and writing your book to market well