Book Writing Coaching Manuscript Development

Tracie Miles with her book

Are you...

  • Someone who is longing to tell their story and write a book that will impact others and bring glory to God?
  • An emerging writer hoping to take your work to a professional level?
  • Seeking professional accountability for completing your book and developing a solid game plan for doing so?
  • In need of a fresh perspective on your work and practical suggestions for your development as a writer?
  • Feeling unsure how to tell your story with transparency when it involves other people or painful details?  
  • In need of help managing and scheduling your time to develop a writing practice and rhythm to help you complete your project?
  • Desiring for an industry professional to encourage you and help you gain the confidence to keep writing and take bold moves to reach your goals?

Many people feel called to write a book, but don't believe in their heart they can actually do it. Or they think “it’s all been written before” and as a result, wonder if there is even a place in today's literary marketing for their book and their topic. They wonder if becoming a published author can really happen for them, and not just everybody else.

The truth is, you have a story to tell, and no one has ever told your story before. The world needs your story. And if God is compelling you to write it, it's time. What better way to get your story into the world than through the words God gives you to write?! You and I can do this together.  Believe in yourself, because God believes in you and wants you to use your gifts.

Writing in a laptop

Every book regardless of topic has different possibilities and will reach different audiences. I work with writers to help them craft and shape their stories and learn how to address even a common topic in a unique and new way. I help writers write for the reader, while using their story as the foundation for helping them achieve healing, hope and purpose through your words. Through brainstorming and discussions, I look for the heart of a story or book idea and help with brainstorming ideas and developing the big picture. Then we begin to make plans and goals for accomplishing those plans. I’ll be your trusted guide to help you overcome obstacles in your writing, support and encourage you along the way, craft your words to have impact and challenge you to dig deeper, set priorities and goals and work hard to achieve them while being held accountable.

My desire is not to merely help you get off the blank page, but get excited and passionate about the story God has compelled you to write and then equip you to do exactly that.

My goal as your Writing Coach is for your vision to be realized, your story to be told, your voice to be heard and for your dreams to start coming true.

Book writing coaching is a blend of friendship, writing instruction, constructive feedback including polish and praise points, concept crafting and editing. My desire is for us to hold hands and partner together to shape your manuscript draft into something that will not only impress the socks off an agent or publisher but change the lives of the people who read it. 

My background is primarily in non-fiction, Christian non-fiction, and women’s books, but I’m open to discussing any manuscript idea with potential clients to see if my coaching would be a fit for them.

Reading a journal

Want to give your manuscript it’s best shot?

Let’s work together and make sure that happens.


Book Writing Coaching Package

*To review the 8 week coaching outline and the progression of writing throughout the program, download the Book Writing & Manuscript Development Outline.

This package includes:

  • An 8 week program to help you get off the blank page and tackle all the important elements of how to write a book that tells your story and changes lives. 
  • Initial one hour Breakthrough Session via ZOOM to get to know each other, discuss goals, your story, your overall book concept, unique angle, writing strategies, tips, etc. 
  • Four one hour zoom calls to review and discuss written content and progress and ongoing needs as you begin to develop your manuscript.
  • Guidance on setting writing goals that will help you reach your goals in the time frame you desire, including word counts per week/month, deadlines, etc. to help hold you accountable for moving forward and achieving your dreams.
  • Learn how a chapter outline develops and receive help with crafting a solid outline.
  • Receive online feedback for up to three chapters and assistance with writing chapter outline, including suggestions for improvement, as well as praise and polish point.
  • Guidance on how to make sure your book concept is strong, has a unique angle that will attract a publisher or agent's attention while staying aligned with your passions.
  • Advice on building your platform and writing your book to market well 

You'll also receive invaluable free digital resources, including:

    • Book Proposal Template 
    • Pursuing Your Dreams Goal Setting Workbook
    • Pursuing Your Dreams Implementation Plan Workbook
    • How to Craft a Chapter Outline