Book Writing Coaching Manuscript Development

Tracie Miles with her book

Are you...

  • You are an emerging writer hoping to take your work to a professional level
  • You are seeking greater accountability for completing the book in your head
  • You need a fresh perspective on your work and practical suggestions for your development as a writer
  • You’re unsure how to tell your story with transparency when it involves other people whom you don’t want to hurt or point fingers at
  • You need help managing and scheduling your time develop a writing practice and rhythm to help you complete your project
  • You need a host of courage in order to gain the confidence to keep writing and taking bold moves to reach for your goals
  • You have a manuscript complete but want feedback to make it stellar so it will rise to the top of the pile

You may feel “it’s all been written before” and as a result, wonder if there is even a place in today's literary marketing for your book and your topic. The truth is, you have a story to tell, and no one has ever told your story before. Everyone has a story that needs to be told, I truly believe every person alive has a story, and that story needs to be told. What better way to get your story into the world than through the words God gives you to write!

Writing in a laptop

Every book regardless of topic has different possibilities and will reach different audiences. I work with writers to help them shape their stories in unique ways and learn how to address even a common topic in a unique and new way. I look for the heart of a story or book idea and help with brainstorming ideas and developing the big picture. I’ll be your trusted guide to help you overcome obstacles in your writing, support and encourage you, and challenge you to dig deeper and set priorities.

My desire is to not just provide critique and feedback, but motivate and inspire you to dig deeper and set priorities to help you stop making excuses and get the work done.

My goal as your Writing Coach is for your vision to be realized, your voice to be heard and your dreams to start coming true to be realized, your story to be told, your voice to be heard and your for your dreams to start coming true.

Book writing coaching is a blend of friendship, writing instruction, constructive feedback including polish and praise points, concept crafting and editing and my desire is for us to hold hands and partner together to shape your manuscript draft into something that will not only impress the socks off an agent or publisher but change the lives of the people who read it. 

My background is primarily in non-fiction, Christian non-fiction, and women’s books, but I’m open to discussing any manuscript idea with potential clients to see if my coaching would be a fit for them.

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Wondering if book writing coaching is for you? You would benefit from this service if one or more of the following scenarios describe you:

Want to give your manuscript it’s best shot?

Let’s work together and make sure that happens.


Book Writing Coaching Package (4 weeks)

This package includes:

  • Initial one hour Breakthrough Session via ZOOM call to get to know each other, discuss goals and writing dreams aspirations and receive guidance on setting writing goals
  • Two rounds of online feedback for up to three chapters, including suggestions for improvement, as well as praise and polish points
  • Two (bi-weekly) one hour zoom calls after submissions to discuss chapter content, receive feedback and suggestions and brainstorm ideas for future chapters
  • One final ZOOM call to answer any last minute questions and receive parting guidance and suggested next steps
  • Recordings of all ZOOM call sessions
  • Free Book Proposal Template 
  • Free Goal Setting forms and additional valuable resources