Editing, Proofreading and Manuscript Review

No matter how many times you read, re-read and review your writing content, it never fails you will miss something. Why? Because our words are our babies, close to our heart, which often causes us to become blind to our own mistakes or bad habits in writing. Grammatical errors, typos, repetitive words or sentences, overly lengthy paragraphs, too many details, etc., can distract a reader and take away from the power of the message we want to convey. We are human, thus we all make errors, but given the proper attention, our writing can be solid, error free and powerful, in such a way that it is set apart above the competition.

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Since submitting any form of writing to an agent or publisher - whether it be a query letter, proposal or manuscript - can either open or close the door to their interest, having a well written, uniquely crafted and error-free piece of content is crucial.  

Editing and proofreading are essential parts of the writing process which help improve the effectiveness and accuracy of your writing style as well the clarity of your ideas and typically both are needed to end up with a solid error-free manuscript.

During the editing process, I’ll check for significant issues, including overall organization of your content, chapter outlines, manuscript flow, hitting felt needs of a reader, etc., as well as paragraph structure, content and the overall concept. During the proofreading process, the focus is moreso on finding and correcting grammatical errors in words or sentence structures than critiquing the writing itself. 

Whether you only need proofreading, only need editing, or need proofreading and editing, I have the writing, editing and publishing experience to help your content become the best it can be and error free. 

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Editing and proofreading will always ensure the first impression of your work will be a positive, memorable one and push you to the next level in achieving your dreams.

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Editing, Proofreading options

$97 per hour

Basic proofreading services for proposals, chapters or manuscripts.

Proofreading is a critical part of the writing process that involves scrutinizing a written document in order to identify and rectify problems. It’s all too easy to get so close to our writing and the words we’ve put on paper, to overlook blaring issues that others can easily see.

This service includes reviewing text and checking and correcting grammar, punctuation, capitalization, consistency, hyphenation, spelling, page breaks, sentence structure, paragraph breaks, etc.,. as well as suggestions for tweaking and improving content, if needed. All work will be done in a Google doc where suggestions and revisions can be left in the comments, and/or in editing mode so that the author can see what suggestions or revisions were made and choose to accept or reject proposed edits.

If you want a stellar final draft of your work, these services would be of great benefit to you.

Select the package below which best fits the word count of your document to get started.


$147 per hour

Basic copyediting services for proposals, chapters or manuscripts.

If you are ready to submit your proposal or manuscript to an agent or publisher, and have already had it proofread and/or checked for errors, then is the time for an editor to review it. 

This service will also include suggestions for eliminating things that might be confusing to a reader, helping a writer provide clarity with clear, concise words, and assessing felt needs to make sure the author isn't losing the reader's interest. All of which will help improve your content overall. 

In addition, this service also includes helping ensure the author’s style, tone and voice are maintained throughout the content.

Once this deep dive editing process is complete, you, as the author, will feel confident in having a solid piece of work in the most professional state to submit to publishers or agents.

Select the package below which best fits the word count of your document to get started.



looking for both services?

Feel as if your writing piece could benefit from all the above services? Worried about not only overlooking errors but whether or not your content is the best it can be? Looking for honest feedback and suggestions on what to improve upon?

With this option, you'll also receive a 30 minute coaching session with Tracie after she reviews your content to go over her thoughts and recommendations.

This Bundle Package is your best bet to make sure you have a well rounded piece that will stand out above the rest!


Manuscript Review options

Full Manuscript Review Including Editing, Improvements Suggestions, Feedback, and Proofreading

A manuscript review provides an author with an invaluable written assessment and critique of the manuscript’s major weaknesses and strengths and also suggests creative solutions that honor an author’s vision for their book. Although sometimes it’s hard to let someone else read your words which are grounded in your experiences and birthed straight from your heart, an assessment can be a highly valuable method of gaining professional feedback and setting your book up for success before it gets in the hands of readers or reaches the desk of an editor, agent or publisher. Feedback will be provided within a digital manuscript document, as well as a Final Review Form with additional comments and suggestions. Authors will also receive guidance about how to make positive changes to content and ask questions about how to improve and enhance their work. This is a virtual one on one experience with Tracie.

30,000 word manuscript: $3300
40,000 word manuscript: $4500
45,000 word manuscript: $5000


Frequently Asked Questions

Proofreading of a document, considered light editing, usually consists of reviewing 8-10 pages per hour, with double spacing and font size 11 or 12. On average, an editor can review around 1500-2000 words per hour.

Light editing/proofreading generally takes one hour to review up to 2000 words if content is double spaced and font size 11 or 12.

A standard page contains around 500 words, unless there is an illustration or photo, and this includes double spacing and font size 11 or 12.

Average editing and/or proofreading time is six double spaced pages per hour in font size 11 or 12. For single spaced content (which is not recommended), the time would be three pages per hour.

An example of how to calculate estimated time is: 

45,000 word book, Divided by 500 words per page. Equals approximately 90 pages. 90 pages divided by 3 pages per hour equals 30 hours of editing

If it turns out that a document is taking longer than normal to edit due to writing style, excessive errors, formatting issues, etc., the client will be notified and asked for approval of additional editing time at the expense of the client prior to completing the editing of the work.

On average, you should receive your edited manuscript back within two to three weeks after submission.

A google document should be created for all content which is to be submitted for editing and/or proofreading. Content can be easily copied from any Word document and pasted into a Google doc.  Once created, the document should be shared with Tracie with full editing rights. All feedback and critique comments and suggestions will be left in comments within the Google doc which allows for easy tracking and storage of all interaction about the document between Tracie and her client. All edits will be made using the ‘suggested edits’ mode in Google doc so the writer can determine which edits to accept or reject. This also allows the writers to review every occurrence of a change or suggested change and learn how to avoid those errors in the future.

Tracie’s experience level in writing, editing, publishing and coaching allows her to edit at a pace that is reasonably quick and possibly even faster than other less experienced editors. All time is kept up with from beginning a document’s edit to the last written word, to ensure the client is paying the correct and fairest amount. If a document takes more time than expected, the client will be notified and asked for approval of additional time prior to the continuing of the editing process.

Although Tracie loves to help her clients succeed and desires to support them, she is unable to guarantee endorsement of any works due to limited time and the volume of manuscripts she reviews. This decision will be made on a case by case basis but should not be expected.

Please email your question to milesauthorcoaching@gmail.com and someone will get back with you within one to two business days.