Welcome friend! I am excited and honored you’re interested in becoming a member of the Living Unbroken book Launch team. It would be such a blessing to have you come alongside me to help others find healing, hope and joy after enduring a painful separation or divorce.

God has carried me through a long and difficult journey the past five years of learning to fully live out this message in my own life. It wasn’t always easy, but I’ve come to realize the value in knowing we only have one life to live and it is God’s desire we live it with joy and happiness, even if our our circumstances are not what we had hoped or planned for.

Please read all the information below about what the launch team is all about, then click on the button graphic to apply!  Approved team members will be notified in January 2021!


What is the Living Unbroken book Launch Team? 

A committed team of women from around the US and internationally who want to learn how to navigate their own journeys of separation and divorce and overcome heartbreak and fear, and be passionate about spreading the message about the book so other wounded women (and men) can do the same.  Divorce statistics are so high right now, proving a desperate need for this book to get into the hands of many hurting people who need to know they will survive and thrive during this journey.

What will this team be all about?

This team will be comprised of people who are excited and eager to share about the book in their spheres of influence from social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, personal blogs, Linked In, etc.) to family, friends, church members, organizations they are affiliated, potential influencers, Facebook groups, neighbors and more.

Why is a Launch Team important? 

This is an opportunity for women of all ages, races, ethnicities, and cultures to come together and enjoy doing Kingdom work together!  When we lock arms as sisters in Christ, any message can be spread deeper and wider than we could ever do by ourselves. I rely heavily on my launch team members to have a true passion to help our communities, our country and our world know there is help and hope available to help them heal and thrive again.

How will this Launch Team work? 

If accepted, you’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group where I’ll keep you posted about upcoming giveaways, contests, special promotions, media interviews, video clips, Pinterest pins, pre-crafted Instagram and Facebook posts, etc. as well as activity prompts every week. Then you will be asked to share these things with the people in your sphere of online influence.

What  benefits do Living Unbroken Launch Team members receive?  (aka, what’s in for me?!)

As a member of the Launch Team, you will be a valued member of a group of precious women who will quickly form sweet bonds of friendship. Friends who will support and motivate each other as we share the same goal and the same passion for spreading this important message of learning to love our lives the way God wants us to do, but also walking a journey of healing and wholeness together.

All members of the Living Unbroken Launch Team will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • The first 120 members to be apply to the team will receive a free  hard copy of Living Unbroken around mid January! Anyone who is accepted after the first 120 will receive a digital copy of the book to review. There is a limited amount of spaces so the application will be closed when the maximum number is reached.
  • Invitation to join and be a member of the private launch team Facebook group.
  • An exclusive “Ask Me Anything” webinar with Tracie before the book launch, where you’ll be able to ask about her personal life, writing, ministry, publishing, goals, or anything else.
  • Two Facebook Live’s hosted on the private Facebook launch team page (pre-release and post-release)
  • All the freebies listed on the home page of Tracie's blog

What are the responsibilities and expectations of Launch Team members? 

If you are a part of the launch team, you will be expected to :

  • Read the entire book before it’s released!
  • Write a review of Living Unbroken on Amazon and other book retailer websites by February 8, 2021
  • Spread the word about the book via social media, blog posts, and word-of-mouth from the pre-order period (January 4,2021-January 31,2021) through the launch period of February 1, 2021-March 12, 2021)
  • Stay active and up to the date with the posts of the Launch Team private Facebook page.
  • Every other day Tracie will post an activity prompt in the group for something to do that week. These prompts could include things like:
    • Announce on your social media platforms that you've joined the team! (Graphics will be provided )
    • Mark the book 'interesting' on Good Reads and leave a review
    • Participate in the online launch party (if it occurs)
    • Introduce Tracie to groups of people (influencers) they know online or offline who could help spread the word
    • Do a Facebook live with your online followers
    • Post a photo of you holding a copy of Living Unbroken
    • Share additional ideas for marketing the book
    • Follow Tracie on social media and tag her in a post
    • Do a blog post about the book
    • Share graphics from my online pages
    • Share Tracie's Encouragement for Today devotions on your platforms which promote the book
    • And more fun things!

Can anyone be a member of this team? 

Anyone can apply for the team, male or female, and everyone interested is encouraged to do so!  My prayer is that God will lead the right people to apply and that this will become a passionate team comprised of those who are sincerely excited about spreading this message and have an active social media or online presence, a solid sphere of influence, as well as being fully committed and serious about helping others find healing and hope after separation and divorce.

All applications will be reviewed and approved members will be notified no later than January 4, 2021.

Will you join me on this fun book launching journey?? Ready to sign up?!

Click below today to complete the application!