One on One Customized Coaching and Mentoring

Through one on one customized coaching with Tracie, you not only never have to feel clueless and all alone anymore, but you'll gain a cheerleader to encourage you to keep going with enthusiasm and confidence!

Investing in our writing is a great investment in our dreams, and I am passionate about investing my time in helping writers grow and thrive. We’ll work close together and my focus will be on you and your needs so you can get closer to where you want to be.


With one on one coaching, you're in charge of what you and Tracie will talk about and what information she focuses on teaching you. You won’t waste time or money signing up for programs or webinars that don’t meet the exact needs you want fulfilled or teach you specifically what you want to know.  You can choose to talk about one specific aspect of writing you want to improve on or learn about, or more than one, and help you start prioritizing your writing life and feel more confident in your call to write.


In addition to learning and feeling more equipped, empowered and educated about the publishing industry, we’ll have fun along the way! You may only need one coaching session to finally feel motivated, inspired and optimistic about your writing, or more than one, and start prioritizing your writing life and receiving help and advice about the areas most important to you.

No matter where you are in your writing journey, I’d love to come alongside you as your personal writing coach, help you make progress that you didn't know was possible, and help you set out on a path with destination of celebration and success.


Coaching topics, customized for each client based on their own personal needs and desires, could include:

Some possible topics you can receive coaching on could include, but are not limited to:

  • How to get connected with agents or publishers
  •   Receiving personalized input on your writing on a sample chapter
  •   Writing solid book proposals that will stand out to a publisher
  •   How to get off the blank page and tackle and overcome writer’s block
  •   How to craft your story in an engaging way that meets the needs of your reader
  •   How to determine your niche and your target audience
  •   How to build or grow your social media and online platforms 
  •   How to market and/or launch a book successfully
  •   Receiving real time encouraging and equipping feedback and critique on writing pieces (up to 2000 words)
  •   Brainstorming and reviewing book ideas and book concepts
  •   Reviewing a book proposal and receiving real time immediate feedback
  •   Reviewing and understanding publishing contract terms if a contract has been received
  •   Overcoming obstacles standing in the way of your writing and setting priorities
  •   A general “Ask Me Anything” session to get your writing and publishing questions answered from someone who knows and understands the publishing industry
  •   And much more!

If you’re interested in getting honest, encouraging, personalized coaching from an industry professional to help you grow in your writing, without making a huge financial commitment, then one on one coaching might be the perfect fit for you!

One on One Customized Coaching and Mentoring options

$147 per hour
One on One Customized Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching Package of Four One-Hour Calls
(a savings of $89!)

Coaching Package of Six One-Hour Calls
(a savings of 15%!)

Coaching Package of Eight One-Hour Calls
(a savings of 15%!)