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Proverbs 31 is committed to mentoring women in their walks with Christ, but also to be a resource of encouragement and support for young girls who are in the season of life where peer pressure and temptations seem to be at the forefront of every day life.

Our desire is to come along side these girls and help them learn how to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Next Generation ministry is geared towards helping girls figure out how to face these many challenges in Gods strength and purpose.

God placed it on Tracie’s heart several years ago to reach out to young girls and young women with the love of Christ with real-life advice and encouragement that can lead them to a closer walk with God. Her desire is to help them be more confident in who God made them to be, and being who they really want to be as well.

If you have a youth event coming up at your church, maybe one of the topics below would be the perfect fit. If you have a special event for teens and have questions about the below topics, or would like to discuss the possibility of a new teen topic, please email Tracie at

NEXT GENERATION TOPICS (For youth events involving girls ages 12-18)

Learning To Be Me and Loving It
It’s hard being a young girl in today’s society! Constantly trying to please others and fit in with peers is not only emotionally draining, but can result in making bad decisions, feeling powerless to be ourselves, and developing a low self esteem. This session will encourage you to love yourself for who God made you to be, and help you gain a new perspective on living for Christ. You will walk away with a renewed sense of self esteem and confidence to be who God wants you to be by helping you:

– Understand that true self-confidence is available through a relationship with Christ
– Overcome the temptation to play the comparison game, and learn to see yourself through God’s eyes
– Developing an inner strength to be the kind of girl you want to be

Girl Talk for Godly Living
As Tracie shares her personal testimony of mistakes, forgiveness, and finding purpose for her life, you will be reminded of the sacredness of not only sexual purity, but also the importance of purity in heart, mind and soul. Tracie leads you into a new understanding of why a relationship with Jesus is crucial to making Godly choices and living a life that is pleasing to Christ, but that His forgiveness, mercy and grace is always available when you make mistakes. You will be reminded of the treasures that you are in Gods eyes, and walk away with a new excitement for living for Christ by:

– Understanding the importance of purity in every area of your life
– Recognizing the depth of God’s forgiveness and mercy
– Discovering how to navigate adolescence with your faith intact
– Embracing the opportunity to develop a strong relationship with Christ

(this is a purity based, pro-life, anti-abortion message, which shares personal experiences with abortion, forgiveness, redemption, healing, and life purpose. It is a powerful message, geared primarily towards girls between the ages of 14 and 18)

Forever A Princess
Comparing the character traits of beloved fairy tale princesses to how we can live a life that fulfills our calling to be a Princess in the Kingdom of God, is a fun way to engage girls of any age to see themselves through Gods eyes. Who doesn’t want to be a princess? You will leave this session with a fresh and fun perspective about how precious, royal and valuable you are, and how you can discover how your true Prince Charming is Jesus Christ. You will leave this session feeling empowered to live for Christ as you:

– Learn how to have joy in life, even when life isn’t a fairy tale
– Embrace your value and beauty in Gods eyes by focusing on how He sees you
– Position yourself to be a Godly girl by learning how to love Christ in your every day life

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Tracie Miles is a bestselling author and the Director of COMPEL Training with Proverbs 31 Ministries.  She helps women grow stronger in their faith, pursue the life of purpose God designed them for and live a life of peace, joy and happiness despite their circumstances.

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