Today is the day!!

ylsc_coverIf you’re visiting from the Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion today, How God Turns Your Past Into Your Purpose, then welcome! And thanks for hopping over here on this very special book release day!

I know it’s happening, but wrapping my mind around what today holds is almost impossible.

It’s hard to believe the time has finally arrived where the story God has been orchestrating in my life – actually twenty eight years in the making – is officially in print and on book shelves around the country.

The twenty eight years I’m referring to is the time period between making the biggest mistake of my life which left me feeling ashamed and purposeless, and seeing God bring it full circle to serve as proof that He truly can turn our greatest pain into our greatest purpose.

God is so good. All the time. Amen.

My prayer is that you will check out my new book, but not for the reason you might be thinking. You see, I’m not focused on selling books. I’m not focused on sales numbers. I’m not focused on gaining exposure.  And I’m not focused on making money.  None of that has ever been my motivation.

I am focused on the fact that God took a broken woman and gave her a purpose, not despite her past, but because of it. I am focused on helping women like me discover that they still matter to God.

Knowing that God can turn pain into purpose is what motivates me to share the hard stuff and help other women discover this life changing truth for themselves.

I’m praying for God to use this message He allowed me to write as a tool to reach a tender place in women’s hearts that may have been unreachable.  A tool to help women, maybe even you, be set free from the shame and regret of past sin, or the pain and damage someone may have inflicted upon you, and embrace God’s promises once and for all.

Promises for forgiveness, unconditional love, mercy, and sweet grace. Promises to prosper you and keep you safe. Promises for hope. Promises for healing. Promises for an amazing future filled with great purpose  – not despite your past, but because of it.

Sometimes, it just helps to be reminded of God’s promises by someone who messed up big time, and thought His promises didn’t apply to her. And by someone who has seen God do miracles in her life, and in the lives of twenty other women who boldly share their story in Your Life Still Counts.

The truth is, we’re all in this boat of life together. None of us is without sin. None of us is without pain. None of us have escaped being broken in some way by living in a broken world.  And none of us is without the deep desire to know that we have a great purpose.  To know that we matter on this earth. To believe we matter to God, and that our life still counts.

Your Life Still Counts is now available for purchase through Proverbs 31 Ministries, all retail bookstores and Amazon in paperback and Kindle. If you feel God might be nudging your heart to take a peek into the pages of a story that proves Romans 8:28 and Jeremiah 29:11 are true without a shadow of a doubt, I hope you will pick up a copy.

For a mini-preview of the message of the book, sign up for my free 5 day devotional called The Faith Zone Challenge. You’ll receive 1 devotion each day to help you move from comfort zone to faith zone.

Still not sure? Maybe a bunch of valuable free gifts might help.  Smiles. Click here to find out how you can get some great free resources available with your purchase of Your Life Still Counts.


In His love,