Are You in Need of a Soul Revival? Then Read this Post.

lwHave you been feeling a little sluggish in your faith lately? Like you wished you could find a way to set your soul on fire for God again but not sure how? If yes, then you’ll definitely want to read today’s post.

My friend and sweet sister in Christ, Lisa Whittle, has a new book releasing tomorrow titled I Want God. When I first read the title of her book, I found myself thinking “well, don’t all Christians want God?”. But you know what? After thinking about it, the truth is, we often don’t. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve wanted so many different things, worked for different things, pursued different things, and stayed super busy – all the while not wanting God enough to really want Him, work for Him, pursue Him and step back from my busyness to spend time with Him.

In fact, even over the past year, as I’ve been gearing up for my own book release, I’ve realized that I sometimes spend so much time working on the things of God, that I neglect to actually pursue God in my heart. I’m serving in ministry, and reading the Bible, but in a way that meets my needs for information and tasks for the day – not in a way that stirs up a daily soul revival in my heart. And I want that! I want God, and want to want Him, every day.

So, if you can relate, let me introduce you to Lisa Whittle. Below are a few questions and answers from her about her new book that I think will spark some interest in your heart for checking out I Want God. And if you would love a free copy, leave a comment on my blog simply expressing your desire and need for a soul revival, and you’ll be entered to win!

(Winners announced later this week, no email replies will be entered into the drawing. Good luck!)


(1) So Lisa, what led you to write I Want God?

I wrote I Want God at a time when I was really sick of my struggles, my fears, myself, basically – I call it the heartcry of the sick of me life. It was at a point of desperation and wanting to quit the ministry that my heart just cried out for God to consume me more than my life currently was and what started out as a blog post turned into an anthem for many of my readers who wanted God in that way, too. (That blog post, by the way, is included as a little bonus in the back of the book.) I remembered that the only way I’ve ever gotten better about anything in life is to focus on God harder, and that is really what I Want God was and is for me.

(2) What’s different about I Want God, compared to the other books like it out there?

You know, there are so many great books out there. Truly. I think what makes I Want God so beneficial is that it is very bottom line, simple even, and tells the reader specifics rather than a lot of fluff they have to figure out. Maybe it’s because I’m basic and straight forward, but I just think people crave some core truth in a world where there is so much information out there it causes us to be on overload. I Want God is a book I still pick up for myself to see where I am off when I find myself in a place I don’t pursue God like I should.

(3) Who did you write your book for, and who can benefit from its message?

I wrote it for the person in a place of lack – starving, desperate, need-God-to-consume-them-more-than-what-is-currently-consuming-their-life. I wrote it for the person who lives in a place of plenty but it’s still not enough. I wrote it for the searcher and for the one on the spiritual roller coaster – wanting God one minute then not as much, the next. I wrote it for the spiritually dead – the believer who is stifled in their relationship with God and can’t figure out why.

(4) What were your hopes when you started writing this book?

My goal for this book is that it would be a guide for years to come to help readers see where they are when they find themselves spiritually off course. I wanted it to convict, inspire, and most of all, help the reader remember their God. My biggest hope is that someone will read it and need to stop and put it down and get on their face before God. To hear that it has done those things for early readers means a great deal. One of those early readers, Jill, calls I Want God “a wrecking and a revival and a resurrection, all at once.”

(5) What do you feel is the greatest obstacle people must overcome in order to make a deep desire for God a priority?

You know, that’s a good question. My first instinct is to say that everyone has different obstacles. For me, it is my desire for comfort. For others, it may be a desire to have people’s approval. So to a degree, we all have a different “issue” we face that most keeps us from God. But as I think about it, probably it can boiled down to a universal issue of self. Self is our greatest obstacle and most often keeps us from God.

(6) What is your prayer for anyone who reads I Want God?

Absolutely, that God will use it to change them in some way. We have enough stirred believers, and that is a spiritual waste because it doesn’t have lasting impact. I pray that their prayer will become that of David’s in Psalm 142:5. That right in their living room, on the beach, wherever they read it, a soul revival will begin. I’m trusting God for that to happen!

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So do you need a soul revival, friend? Leave a quick comment on my blog to enter to win a free copy of Lisa’s new book, or click here to order your copy today.

(Winners of last week’s copies of Magnetic were Lisa Haines, and Lexi S.)