SLL Week 3 – Blog Hop Friday

It's time for all you writers out there to share your inspiring blog posts about this week's topics of dealing with the stress of marriage, and leaning on God for strength and peace. And time for everyone to be encouraged and inspired by those who write. Just as a recap for everyone, below are the focal themes for this week's blog hop and I cannot wait to read all the God-inspired words of wisdom. This week's blog hop topics were: Peace is not a matter of life or circumstances, it's a matter of the Continue Reading

SLL Week 3 – Wonderful Wednesday


Today, I want to share a few quotes and verses from our chapter readings this week (5 and 6) that sum up what we are focusing on together. Living a life full of joy and void of pain may seem impossible to you today, humanly speaking, as you find yourself pondering all the difficult situations in your life, the hardships you’ve endured, the pain you experienced, the struggles you face – but true joy and peace are within your reach if you are reaching out to the right place for help. Peace is not a matter of Continue Reading

SLL Week 3 – Monday Encouragement

“We use God's mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments.” 2 Corinthians 10:4 (NLT)  It happened in a deep moment of prayer with eyes tightly shut. A vision that changed my marriage from that moment forward. As I listened to the sermon, my face began to feel flush. The preacher’s words about breaking strongholds in our lives were hitting too close to home. He explained how a stronghold is simply a faulty line of thinking based on lies and Continue Reading

SLL Week 2 – Blog Hop Friday

I am so thrilled to see so many of you getting involved with this study and taking this journey to less stress very seriously!  Not only will your physical health eventually improve when you start embracing God's peace, but over the next few weeks and months, hopefully your spiritual, mental and emotional health will be regenerated as well. God is up to something good! I loved reading all the ponderings from the blogs linked up last Friday - a huge thanks to all the bloggers who took time to participate! Below is Continue Reading

SLL Week 2 – Wonderful Wednesday

Today I want to share an excerpt from page 63, just as food for thought. Please read it below: "It pains me to think of the number of times that I needed the healing of God’s powerful hands, but instead, I sought out attention from doctors and tried to rid myself of issues through self diagnoses, medications and sleep. What a shame that when we find ourselves in the most desperate of situations, we are too stubborn to ask God for healing until we get to that “end-of-our-rope” stage. Granted, there are times when we Continue Reading

SLL Week 2 – Monday Encouragement


The boys made an excited dash towards the ocean with their brand new yellow inflated boat.  They were determined to ride in it, despite the unusually gusty winds.  I watched from my beach chair, as the raft flapped wildly in the air, at one point actually lifting these two skinny young boys right off the ground. My son and his friend tried to ride in the boat for quite a while, but the strong winds made the water more like mini-tidal waves than the usual gentle tide. The few times the boys made it into the boat, the Continue Reading