Teaching Your Child The Importance of Their Best Yes

My kids just love when I feel compelled to share with them a nugget of truth that I either read in God’s Word or came across in a book I was reading. Ummm, NOT!

But, I share away anyway. And the other day I could hardly wait to share something with my daughter Kaitlyn who was leaving for her Freshman year of college in just a few short days.

I was quietly reading The Best Yes, by Lysa TerKeurst, and got to Chapter Six, and I was so moved by what I read, I just had to share it! So I cornered Kaitlyn in the kitchen and started reading the chapter aloud. At first she just sweetly listened (after all, what choice did she have) but then she realized that what she was hearing really was great advice.

Advice that applied to her as she was getting ready to embark on a new life away from home. Without rules. Without parents. Without someone telling her what to do all the time or helping her make her own decisions.

Lysa wrote about remembering her own high school graduation, sitting in a room where “the air was electric was possibility.”  I thought that quote summed up the universal feeling at any graduation.  But when graduation is over, decisions have to be made. Decisions which eventually “become tomorrow’s circumstances.”

Lysa hypothetically imagined what graduation would be like if someone could share a glimpse of the future, and see where some of these graduates might end up. Some stories were joyful and promising,while  some were heartbreaking. Some were filled with success, and others were disappointing. Everyone had made decisions, but some were the wrong decisions, and the result was a lifetime of consequences.

Then she summed up how she felt at her own graduation, and I could so relate. Lysa said she had “a heart full of naive hope that a girl with great dreams and good intentions would get where she wanted to go. If it felt good, it looked good, and it must be good.”  Ever felt that way? I know I have, and therefore I know my children have too, especially the two that have already graduated and are in college now.

She went on to explain in this chapter how a couple situations presented themselves, but she made good decisions, and in turn, avoided the negative consequences that could have followed. Then her decision to begin attending church was the best one she ever made, because it put her “heart in a place to receive truth” and got her headed in a whole new direction.

I finished my little reading episode with Kaitlyn by sharing this last quote, “Our decisions aren’t just isolated choices. Our decisions point our lives in the directions we’re about to head.” Kaitlyn nodded her head in agreement, probably trying to avoid the deep mommy-daughter discussion about to ensue. Smiles.

But I loved how Lysa encourages us as women to chase down our decisions and think about where each one will take us – no matter how small or how big – rather than just go with our gut in the moment. And who could ask for a better teaching opportunity for my little-girl-soon-to-be-college-student leaving the nest for the first time?  I want my children to know that every decision matters, and that no matter how much they learn at college, nothing will trump the importance of putting her heart in a place to receive truth. Because God’s truth is what sets our life in the right direction.

We can’t protect our children from wrong decisions, and can’t make their decisions for them, but we can teach them that their decisions matter. We can help them look past the present, into the future, and encourage them to think and pray about the choices they will be faced with making.

If you ask me, I kinda think reading that excerpt of the book to Kaitlyn was my best yes for the day. Now I pray that when she is faced with a hard decision, she’ll think twice and try to make sure she chooses her best yes too.


photo[2]Is this message about making decisions – when to say yes and when to say no – one that you can relate to? Is this a message you would like to share with your child, like I shared with Kaitlyn?

I’m excited to be giving away four copies of The Best Yes this week to two lucky winners!  One copy for you, and one to give away to a friend or child who needs to hear this message.

To enter to win, just leave a comment sharing why you could use this message and who you’d like to give the extra The Best Yes book too. Good luck!

* This post is part of Lysa TerKeurst’s “The Best Yes’ Tour which I am delighted to be a part of along with many other inspiring bloggers. To learn more and join us, click here. 


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