YLSC Online Bible Study

Faith Filled Friday – Week 7

Can you believe it's been seven weeks since we began this journey of discovering how and why our lives still to count to God? It's amazing how quickly this has come to a close, and that this is our last Faith Filled Friday! I pray God has spoken to your heart in powerful ways - not only about your value to Him, but also about the value of your life and the fact that He loves you so much that He has prepared you for a great purpose. Purpose for your every day life, and for your future.  A purpose that can glorify Him Continue Reading

Wonderful Wednesday – Week 7


Monday's video talked about how important it is  (and how freeing and exciting it is!) to live our lives as proof of the power of Jesus Christ. To let people see the reality of what Jesus has done for us, and allow our stories of struggle and victory to be tangible proof of His existence and His sovereignty. I hope that by now you have come to accept as an unshakable truth that we are not only divinely designed as individuals, with divinely designed lives, but that we all have a divinely designed purpose as well.  A Continue Reading

Monday Study – Week 7

Email subscribers, please click here to watch the final teaching video. Highlights of Week 7 Video: * Understanding that we are all called to "go and share" and live as proof of the power of Jesus Christ * Lessons we learn from the story of the demon possessed man & the herd of pigs * Glean empowerment to have courageous faith Quotable Quotes from the Video: We are all faced with the challenge of saying yes to God and going, sharing and doing whatever it is He has laid on our heart. (click to Continue Reading

Faith Filled Friday – Week 6


I seriously loved Leah's guest post on Wednesday, where she shared about embracing the promise found in Jeremiah 29:11 and believing God not only has plans for our lives, but that they are always so much better than our own plans!  I am such a firm believer in this verse, and I hope you are beginning to be as well! Yet even when we believe that promise to be true without a shadow of a doubt, it can still feel frustrating and maybe even intimidating, to decipher what those plans are, and what doors God might be opening Continue Reading

Wonderful Wednesday – Week 6


Today’s Wonderful Wednesday post is written by my precious, long time friend and Proverbs 31 sister, Leah DiPascal - who just also happens to be a member of the YLSC Contributor Team (Chapter 17, Her Story section).  She has a powerful word to share with you today about learning to trust God's plans and will for each of our lives, and walk through doors that He opens! __________________________ Hi Friends! I’m thrilled to be joining you today on Tracie’s blog! I don’t know about you, but the past 5 1/2 weeks have Continue Reading

Monday Study – Week 6

Email subscribers, click here to watch the video. (This video mentions this is the end of the study, but we still have one week left before we are totally wrapped up! So stay tuned next week for the final video teaching, Wonderful Wednesday and Faith Filled Friday.) Highlights of Week 6 Video: * Embracing God's promise found in Jeremiah 29:11 * Learning to trust God with our lives and our futures * How to really say YES to God Quotable Quotes from the Video:  (Click on the 'click to tweet' links Continue Reading