YLSC Online Bible Study

Wonderful Wednesday – Week 3


I've heard it said before ... we have to face our inner demons to really have victory over them in Christ. But what does that mean? Can we really be possessed by a demon in today's and age? The Bible has specific definitions of what demons are. They are considered spirit beings of fallen angels and are enemies of God, yet they are defeated enemies. They do have the ability to take possession of a physical body, in biblical times and even today. But this is impossible to happen to a child of God, because the Holy Continue Reading

Monday Study – Week 3


Email subscribers: To view this week's teaching video, please click HERE.  Highlights of Week 3 Video: * Why God's call for all of us is to "go and share" * Learning to live life on purpose * Refusing to let our pain be for nothing * How to be willing to say YES to God Quotable Quotes from the video:  There is  nothing more powerful or more motivating than hearing the voice of the Most High. (click to tweet) We can choose not to let our pain be for nothing. God never wastes our pain, only we do Continue Reading

Faith-Filled Friday – Week 2

This week in your chapter reading assignment, you read about a conversation I had with my son a long time ago when he was little, about a broken can opener. God reminded me through this story that none of us are throw away people, no matter how broken we may feel we are. I thought I'd share a little clip of me telling this story live at an event recently, just to remind you of this important truth and reiterate how valuable you are to God. Let's all embrace we are a treasure in Christ Continue Reading

Wonderful Wednesday – Week 2


Several years ago when my son was seven years old, getting him up and ready for school was a daily challenge. His everyday murmurs of "I hate school", "school is boring", and "I don’t feel like getting dressed", were getting old. One morning as I trudged into his bedroom prepared for our normal routine, I had an idea. I told little Michael that if he got dressed quickly, we could sit down and eat breakfast together and be breakfast buddies, as opposed to grabbing pop tarts on the way out the door. To my surprise, Continue Reading

Monday Study – Week 2

HIGHLIGHTS OF WEEK 2 VIDEO  Overcoming the diseases of shame and regret Learning to see ourselves as God sees us Embracing our value in Christ Believing that God's promises can be trusted.   QUOTABLE QUOTES FROM THE VIDEO  God sees past our imperfections, and sees our value. (Click to tweet this) God sees you as a beloved, beautiful, priceless daughter no matter what has happened in your life.  (Click to tweet this) You are divinely designed. Embrace who you are in Christ! (Click to tweet Continue Reading

Faith-Filled Friday – Week 1

Our faith filled Fridays will be a day to really start building our community. Each Friday will offer something a little different; something unique to the topic of the week. Then we'll get some conversations started!  ____________________________ The first time I heard this song on the radio, it brought tears to my eyes. It fits perfectly with our theme for the week, which is learning to love ourselves for who we are to Christ and in Christ, and not for what we see in the mirror or how we think we are defined by our Continue Reading