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You Might Miss Out On A Blessing If You Do This

Upon walking into the optometrist’s office, I noticed them in the lobby. A mom and three kids, tattered and dirty clothes, tousled hair, flimsy flip flops on a chilly day. My daughter’s name was called, and Kaitlyn and I walked over to the counter, while my other two kids took a seat.

Minutes later, Morgan came over to tell me she had overheard a conversation among the mom and her small kids talking about getting the little boy’s broken glasses repaired.  The repair was going to cost $20, apparently more than they had expected.

They quietly began frantically whispering about lunch, and how they wouldn’t be able to afford to eat if they paid for the repair fee – yet the little boy needed his glasses to see. The mom then whispered to the kids that they would just buy a hamburger or a salad from Wendy’s and they could all split it – there were four of them.

This touched Morgans heart, and she wanted us to help this precious family, and I immediately agreed. God impressed upon her heart and mine that we should pay for this lady’s bill. I felt God nudge me to go offer to pay her bill right that moment, but I told Morgan it would be easier if I just paid it at the same time I paid our bill, after all, we were only going to be a few more minutes.

The selection process of Kaitlyn’s frames took a little longer than expected, and when I finally did get back to the front desk to check out, that family was gone and my heart sunk. God had divinely ordained that our paths would cross, so that He could use us to bless this family in need, but apparently I thought my timing was better than His.

I waited. I procrastinated, even with good intentions of doing it later. I didn’t move when God pricked my heart. Gods request for me to give this family $20 was a simple request. A request that would not be a big sacrifice for me, and did not really require any extra time or effort. God just asked that I do it in His timing, and instead, I chose to do it in mine.

As a result, I missed the opportunity to bless someone, help a family in need. A family which needed a blessing, did not receive it, all because I thought my obedience to God’s nudging could wait. I’m sure God used someone else to bless that family on that day if that was His will, unfortunately I just missed the blessing of being a part of it.

I was reminded of this verse in 1 John 5:3 which says “This is love for God: to obey his commands. And his commands are not burdensome,”.  This was not a burdensome request by God, just one that required a lack of procrastination.  My love for God, and desire to be His hands and feet, should have taken precedence over my personal agenda.

This experience taught me a great lesson – that not only can procrastinating about faith matters cause me to miss a blessing, but it can cause others to miss a blessing as well.

In today’s Proverbs 31 Devotion called “What if I Fall?”, I shared about another time I procrastinated and missed out on a blessing, and again, served as yet another example of how procrastinating always causes us to miss out on God’s best for our lives. The devotion talks about a ziplining experience I could have enjoyed, but procrastinated to the point of talking myself out of it completely. How many times must I let procrastination keep me from experiencing something beautiful? Have mercy.

Yet, I know I’m not alone. So many of us let our fears feel stronger than our faith, and procrastination causes us to miss a blessing. Sometimes the blessing is to help others, but sometimes the blessing is for us. Let’s commit to always remember that immediate obedience to God’s call will always result in blessing in more ways than we could ever imagine.

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(Watch this super short video for a little glimpse into the day I refused to climb the tree and do the zipline that I talked about in my P31 devotion - and you’ll hear Kaitlyn calling me out on my procrastination. Maybe one day, I’ll try again. Smiles)

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