The Only Way To Find Victory Over Worry

In today’s Proverbs 31 devotion, I shared a story about how my husband pointed out that I worry too much. And although I didn’t really appreciate it, I sort of new it was true.

I think my tendency to worry began the moment I found out I was pregnant with my first child over twenty years ago. I spent every day worrying that something might go wrong, and when a few complications arose, I practically made myself ill worrying about all the “what if’s”.  I did the same thing with pregnancy number two and three, and then worry became a whole new beast.

I worried about my children choking on food so much so that I would cut up their hot dogs into microscopic pieces. I worried about them getting hurt on the playground, or kidnapped at the park. I worried about their self esteems when friends hurt their feelings and coaches cut them from teams. I worried when they got behind the wheel of a car, and would never close my eyes to sleep until every child was safely tucked under the covers in their nice warm bed. I would worry about work, workload and work problems. I worried about finances, and the health of family members, and at times have allowed marital worries to turn into insomnia.

All this worrying from a woman who loves the Lord and believes with every ounce of her soul that He is sovereign, loving and above all, trustworthy. Have mercy.

Being a Christian and lover of Christ doesn’t eliminate our tendency to worry because we are human, and this world can be a scary place to live in. Emotions run high and fear of negative things happening in our lives run rampant in our mind, often driving us away from the scriptures instead of towards them. What a shame that we allow this to happen, when true peace that is beyond our understanding is only a prayer away.

I can honestly say that although I do still worry more than I should, I have drastically decreased my level of worry due to my relationship with the Lord. Circumstances that would formerly have pushed me over the edge of the worry cliff and left me in tears, now push me to pray and ask God to fill me with the courage to trust Him, even when I have no idea how those circumstances might turn out.

Learning to trust God is the only way to find victory over worry, and just like anything else we want to learn to do, it sometimes takes time. Yet it only one takes one prayer to get started on the journey to peace.

Maybe you have never considered yourself a worrier, but you do tend to worry a little more than you should. Or maybe you know that worry often has a grip on your heart, and you just want to break the cycle.  In either case, tucking Psalm 62:6 into your heart today is a great start, “Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.” (NIV)  Here we read that the psalmist’s confidence has increased to the point where he knows that whatever his enemies, or life, throws at him, he will not be shaken. His ability not to worry didnt come from his physical strength, but from his strong faith. And ours can too.

As promised in today’s devotion, CLICK HERE to open and print a free worry self assessment. Although I’m not a psychologist and this is not a scientific method of diagnosing anything, it may provide insight to whether or not worrying is secretly taking a toll on your spirit and your life. If you find that you are in deed a worry wart and desire to begin trusting God more, consider visiting and type in the keywords of worry or anxiety. Ask God to speak to you through these scriptures and to help you learn to worry less, and trust Him more.

Book Cover (2)Since worry causes a lot of stress, I thought it would be appropriate and fun to give away a couple of my books today! Stressed-Less Living is my journey of learning to trust God more, and stress and worry less.

To enter win one of two signed copies, leave a comment on my blog (emailed comments will not be entered) stating what you worry about most, and/or a brief commitment to entrust those worries to Jesus. 

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Hope you all have a happy and worry free weekend!




  1. Karen says

    Thank you for your words of hope today. I am an obsessive worrier regarding my children. The fear of loosing one of them takes over my mind – especially at night when the enemy knows I’m tired and vulnerable. Your message is deep yet simple – Trust in The Lord and he will give you peace and strength to release the ‘worry’ and accept His grace and peace! Amen!

    • Kristin says

      I’m so thankful for this post. It was right on time. I’ve struggled with worry for a while. Surrendering control is tough but so worth it. I’ve realized that peace is far better than trying to run the world and figure everything out. Thanks!!

  2. Angela says

    My biggest worry is unanswered health concerns. Thank you for the reminder that I need to have the courage to trust Him, when I don’t know how circumstances will turn out.

    • tmiles says

      Angela, I pray God gives the doctors clarity and wisdom about any health concerns you are facing. This is an area that is nearly impossible for anyone not to worry over, especially when faced with the unknown or unanswered questions. May God bless you and heal whatever is going on that the eye cannot see.

  3. Nancy Rhea says

    I am usually not a worrier but have become one over the last 9 months. I took a new job which has become a stress to me, lost my father to cancer, moved twice, and moved my mother in law to a retirement community. I am constantly reminding myself to pray rather than “flip out” but it is a struggle. I know that God is giving my husband and me strength and I do praise him for that. Amazing the bible verses that have come to me when I most need them! Thanks for your words!! Nancy Rhea

    • tmiles says

      Don’t you love when that happens Nancy?! God knows when we are worried, and instead of condemning us, He puts people and scripture into our paths to encourage us. Im sorry for all you’ve been through but pray that things will begin easing up soon.

      • Nancy Rhea says

        Things really did start to ease up today. My husband and I went out to eat and commented on how relaxed we felt. Thanks for your comments and your blog. I will be following you! God is helping you to do great work!!

  4. mindy says

    Thank you for the message today. I have to admit I always have been a worrier. Worrying about kids, future, job, finance, etc…For the past 10 months, I have been dealing with my spine issues and in a lot of pain. Surely, my worry level hit the highest! worrying if I am ever going to have quality of life and enjoy time with my family..
    Just like you mentioned, our human side tends to stir up our worries over and over again! I find that God never gives me up. Whenever I turn to His words, I have more courage to face my situation. I have learned to depend on him more and more.
    Thank you for reminder again that He is our rock and our fortress. I certainly need this today! :)

  5. Candice says

    Thank you for your encouraging message. I am a worrier, usually for no good reason. I worry about my child, financial aspects, and even little things. This is a good reminder to turn those worries over to Christ!

  6. Jen says

    Thank you Tracie! God has really been working on me lately about turning things over to Him and trusting Him; so your devotion today has been another reminder. It is so easy, after make great progress in this area, to fall back into old habits of worrying. Recently God has led me to the memorization of Phillipians 4:6-7, which I believe will be a great weapon for me moving forward. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Lisa says

    I am very much struggling with worrying and giving it up to God right now. It’s going on three months since my husband lost his job. We are doing all we can but we can’t pay our bills. How do you not worry about that? But we just keep praying!

    • tmiles says

      Lisa, its impossible not to worry about that! However, God can help us have peace when it seems that peace is impossible. If we ask, we will receive. The circumstances may not change right away, but our hearts can. I pray God opens doors quickly for your husband and that a great job comes his way!

  8. Lisette says

    Worry did not become part of my personality until my daughter turned 16. Although she loves The Lord and is obedient at home, I still worry about her emotional well being and social issues. My worry is unhealthy and is keeping me from enjoying and loving my beautiful life. Worry is like an overcast that has such a grip on my life and I can’t seem to break free. I’ve posted scripture about Gods power and commitment to love and take care of my family all over and I pray those verses over and over in my head. I’ve come to learn that what we usually worry most about often becomes our idol… And I certainly don’t want that to be the case. I’ve found so much comfort in your devotion knowing that I’m not alone and I’m not a crazy mom :) I made a commitment to try to drown out worry by replacing it with God’s promises.

  9. Brittany says

    Oh how I needed this! This blog described me perfectly when it comes to my worries and even my reactions to it. I love my Jesus but still find myself spiraling out of control with what ifs. My main worries revolve around my children, their safety, and a general fear of the unknown. Praise God for a husband who brings me back to reality! Thank you for this post. I truly needed it. I have been struggling with it something fierce for the last couple of weeks! If you don’t have anyone to pray for then pray for me!

    • tmiles says

      Brittany I will gladly pray for you! We are all guilty of spiraling out of control, and sometimes it just takes one little thing to send us flying. Whatever you are facing, I pray God fills you with peace and comfort and intervenes in the difficult situations you are facing.

  10. Joy says

    Worrying consumes me! I try to get a grip on it but then something happens and it is almost always related to my children and the struggles/heartaches they are going through. My heart breaks when they are in pain and then I jump over the edge and fear that they will not be ok. I needed your thoughts on worrying today as I sat beside my computer crying and begging God for direction. My husband and I need to make a decision about relocating for his work and it would mean transferring our 16 yr old son to a new community and new high school. I am asking God to show me the possibilities and to take the “what if’s” away from my thoughts and to give me the strength and courage to give it all over to God.

    • tmiles says

      Joy I could have written your post today! I am the so much the same way. In fact, as God’s timing would have it, I needed to re-read this devotion myself today for a situation that has happened with one of my kiddie poos. So like you and everyone else, I am recommitting to give it to God today and try trust Him to handle it! :)

  11. cj says

    I have been unemployed for almost two yrs now. We are down to one vehicle, lost our house and had to move and are struggling to keep up with just the things we need the most. I have worried and cried so much about what is going to happen and how it will affect our daughter. I get so upset with myself for worrying so much because I know what the Bible says and that I need to trust God with all these things. I just can’t seem to figure out how, but I have know that I have to because I can’t go on letting my worry control my life anymore.

    • tmiles says

      CJ – you have plenty to worry to about for sure, sounds like more than your fair share, just like many others. So we can’t beat ourselves up for worrying, especially when so many things are worthy of worry, but we can continue to pray for God to intervene one day at a time and trust that in some way, some how, He will use this difficult time for something good, and that He will provide for your needs. And what I’ve learned is that our kids tend to get over difficult situations a lot faster than we do! I’m sure your daughter will be fine as long as she knows she is loved and treasured by you and her dad. Sometimes hard times bring families even closer together than before. Praying for your husband to find employment very soon and for things to start looking up!

  12. says

    Sadly worry has become such a big part of my life, worry over my sweet 14 year old.girl, my husband as he travels often around Africa and will I ever adjust to living in this new country! Instead of taking my worries to a Father that loves me I have let them take over until my health has been affected and I now deal with severe acid reflux. Our wonderful Father tells us to leave our worries with Him because He knows our little bodies can’t take it! Now I make a point every day bit leave everything at the foot of my Saviour’s cross and am believing that He will teach me how to be content and how to trust Him more with my concerns knowing deep down how much he cares about all the little things that concern me! I loved reading your blog today as it helps me know I am not alone in walking away from this “worry personality trait”!

    • tmiles says

      You are definitely not alone Claire! I dare so most of us worry about our kids, marriages and finances way too much. But God promised to care for the sparrows, and He will also care and provide for us. That’s hard to remember in really tough times of worry but so true and a good promise to tuck in our hearts. :)

  13. Michelle Howard says

    Worry has become a part of my daily living, from parenting right down to being the best wife I can be. It comes at me from all angles and I am READY to start living a Life focused on GOd and not worry!! Lord please help me in this endeavor! Would love to win this book!

  14. Sharon Fry says

    Worrier extraordinaire is not the testimony I wish to have. I’ve been reminded so often lately that God has this with countless spiritual bricks that I will soon be unconscious or I will start building with them. I choose to build and am trying to live by Psalm 62:6 for He IS my rock. Thank you for being so transparent.

  15. LRF says

    Worry over my youngest starting all day/every day kindergarten. Part of the worry is related to my son and the rest has to do with all this change ( the devo on change from P31 several days ago was very timely:) I need to go to God in prayer over all my thoughts and emotions. He is waiting to hear from me! Thank you for the devotional and the verses you suggested. I read the Matthew verses and am trying to memorize the Psalm 62 verse-I am adding the verses surrounding as well. Doing this b/c I think it will get my mind headed in the right direction. Thank you for a timely devotional, God definitely is leading you and the other P31 devo writers.

    • tmiles says

      Tammy, this is probably something most Christian moms deals with, because as much as we want our kids to be perfect, they cant be! Let’s choose to focus on Proverbs 22:6 to help us keep our emotions in check , “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.”

  16. Kindra says

    I worry about my parenting…finances…my marriage…pretty much everything in my life I spend time worrying about. I made a vow to not have a baby until I stopped worrying so much. I did great…now three kids later I am back to worrying agian. I feel like I have no control, even though I know I do. With HIS help.

    • tmiles says

      Kids will do that to you Kindra! :) I pray that God fills your heart with peace every day and helps you to begin worrying less, and trusting more.

  17. AFT says

    I appreciated your thoughts in your blog as well as the Proverbs 31 entry that we should ask for the strength and courage to hand our worries to our Lord.

  18. Melinda Russell says

    I have been a worrier my whole life….I began to accept that I was just “wired” that way. it saddens me to see my own children have the same tendencies. I used to joke that maybe worry was a “spiritual gift” since I seem to do it so often. n the past, I have had victory over it by asking The Lord to reveal to me the lies I believe and to help me to apply His Truth…gradually I began to let things go and worry less. Them, as life became much busier with my children and I had more time demands….worry once again had a strangle hold. I may have been born with certain tendencies eithe inherited or caused by my own choices…however, I don’t have to stay that way….Thank you for this devotion…I am glad to know I am not the only one!

  19. Lindsey says

    I believe I found this post because it’s something I recently prayed about. My husband and I are dealing with an unknown medical condition with his mother, which has caused her not to be able to work or drive anymore. Now I know everyone deals with aging parents, but we’re just 30 and she is only 56. We’re getting a crash course in disability, medicaid, medicare, and other government programs we never thought we’d have to go through for her. In addition to that, my husband just graduated from college a few weeks ago(after going back full-time for 3 years) and is starting a new career. We have a ton of changes going on in our life, including thinking about starting a family soon, and the stress of all of that is completely overwhelming. My personality leans towards managing and taking care of it myself, including worrying. I’m a very Type A person and it’s hard to trust someone else with my problems. However, I’m learning our situation is more than I can manage and that I have to give it to God because I need help. I prayed yesterday on my way to work that he would put tools and/or people in my life to help me manage the stress in our lives. I’m very thankful I came across your website through the P31 link on my FB wall this morning. Have a blessed day!

    • tmiles says

      I am thankful too Lindsey! God knows when we are about to reach the breaking point and will intervene as soon as we call upon Him. Congrats to your hubby on his graduation and his new job. Your season of life can be stressful but just remember life passes quickly and to savor every moment and trust God to be in control.

  20. Kay says

    I worry most about my family. Their health, happiness, and safety. It is a constant battle I face…learning to trust God to take care of everything. Thank you so much for today’s message. It was a reminder that I really needed.

  21. Amy says

    Worrying is also a part of my personality. I have worried all my life, even as a child. At this time, my worries are focused on my teenagers and finances. I have taken a step of faith to go on a mission trip to Hungary this summer. I feel as if I am stepping out of a boat, trying to walk on water. The biggest worry with the trip is leaving 2 teenagers behind without my supervision. One of them has a girlfriend and a driver’s license! I’ve been praying he would find a job to keep him busy this summer, but so far he hasn’t been able to get anything.
    I was inspired by the devotion not to focus so much on getting that I miss out on the blessings God wants to give me.

  22. Ashley says

    I am pretty sure my worry began when I was about two years old. I started very young and have gotten a bit better but it’s still very much an issue. I know that a big part of my lack of faith is embedded in the fact that I don’t spend as much time in or memorize as much Scripture as I should. I just teamed up with an accountability partner and I think that will help immensely as well. Thank you for the timely reminder about all of this!

  23. Cathy says

    Such an appropriate devotional today. Business stress is high! I work at giving my worry over to God but find I have to keep working at it daily.

  24. Missy says

    What a blessing and God timing your devotion & blog are. I find myself worrying and apologizing to God for it. Right now I have 1 daughter with health problems that she recently had surgery for, 1 daughter who we just found out she had miscarried her baby & we had to go through the heartache of a DNC, my son just graduated high school (for some reason I’m more worried now than I was while he was in school!), and a situation I can’t talk about on a blog, but I KNOW God knows!! I know God hears me. I know he knows what is best for me & that he will never leave me or forsake me. I KNOW that HE HAS THIS!!! I don’t know why I can’t just let it go! I know God’s plan is much better than my own, so thank you for your words of encouragement and reminding each of us to not give up, to continue to look up!!! I pray I am a winner of your book…I would love to read it! Thanks for the opportunity and for the blessing you are in so many women’s lives as you allow yourself to be used by God!!!

  25. Sarah says

    I am a chronic worrier and suffer constantly with debilitating anxiety. I worry the most about something happening to my children. But I also worry about things happening in the country, finances, I angonize over my decisions, etc. Sometimes there is nothing I would like more than to be able to relax mentally and emotionally.

  26. Julie says

    I am going to save your devotional from today. I am a worrier. All of the time, day and night. I pray but still hang onto the worries. I would LOVE a copy of your book! Thanks for making me feel not alone.

  27. Shari says

    More than anything I worry that my oldest child will not find her way back to Christ. I was young when I had her and I did not set a good example of prayer, devotion, and faith. I didn’t teach her about Christ. When she was a teenager, I began talking to her about Jesus. Too Little Too Late. As you stated – worrying about it isnt’ going to solve anything. What is done is done and it is in God’s hands now. However, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t worry and pray about her.

  28. Sherri says

    I have been worrying about what is going on in the world around us. I have family members that are not saved and I worry about their future. I believe Jesus is coming soon and I want my family with me. I have really been struggling alot this week. Your devotion today made me realize that everything is in God’s hands. I just need a reminder to stop worrying and keep praying.
    Thank you.

  29. Kelly says

    I worry more than I need to since I have 2 boys (1 is 20 & the other is 18). I have always worried about my youngest since he was born with a heart defect & he has developed ADD throughout his younger years. He has had 3 heart surgeries and has done great with them & through the recovery, but he can’t seem to remember to take his daily medicine. I worry if he’s taken it & I worry if he remembers other things that he needs to remember. I truly believe my oldest has learned to try to keep me from worrying since the youngest causes so many worries. I do worry about my oldest though. I worry if he’ll find a Godly wife and make Godly decisions in his life as he’s almost through with college. I worry these things about my youngest too, but hopefully he has some time before he considers marriage. I have learned to let the little things go, since God will help us through all things, big or little.

  30. Donna Larue says

    Even though our children are almost 19, 21 and 23, I worry more than I should about their future, and the choices that they have made. Overall, they have been good children, but still some of their choices have not been great decisions, and they are suffering the consequences of those decisions. I try hard to pray and leave it in God’s hands, but I find myself picking up those worries again and again and trying to carry them on my back. And I can definitely feel the stress in my life, when I make the choice to worry, instead of trusting God.

  31. Lisa says

    I worry! I worry over things that I know I have no control over and the worrying NEVER gets me anywhere. And then I worry that I’m worrying too much and stressing over things and’s an endless cycle. Thank you for showing me that I need to rely on God more to keep me from worrying and to place it ALL in His hands.

  32. Jelaine says

    Our son was born with a condition that 40% of babies don’t live through and requires major surgery soon after they are born. We spent 17 days in the hospital when he was 8 days old and endured all the stress/worry of losing our son, potential health complications afterwards, concern over a rebound surgery needed, how he would fair the rest of his life, etc…

    Well God did awesome awesome things during our stay there and the doctors said that of all the cases of this condition that they’ve seen, his was the best! It was a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst. They gave him 100% recovery and said that he will lead a very happy and healthy and normal life.

    He is 9 months old now and is doing great! You wouldn’t know this little boy had ever had surgery. But every day I tend to worry. The feelings of the possibility of losing him were so overwhelming while we were in the hospital, I just don’t want to ever feel that again. I don’t want to have to worry about that again. It’s a gut-wrenching thing to go through. So although I see that God worked miracles and walked with us every step of that journey and continues to each day, I still find that I worry that something will happen to my precious boy.

    As you can probably imagine, I am a worrier. About nearly everything! Lol. It has gotten better over the years but I know God is still speaking to my heart about this issue. I know I still have a long way to go…I just don’t know how to get there.

    I want to be an example to my son of what a life of faith is. I want to teach him about the Lord, who has done great things in his life already. But I know that with this fear/worry, it’s only going to hinder that. He is going to learn more from my actions than my words, so I need to get to where I’m acting out of faith instead of worry if I’m going to be any sort of example!

    Thank you for your devotional. It has once again stirred up in me the realization of the need for change and the great God of mercy who is there to help me. =)


  33. says

    I have a few books that are on biblical topics, but have never read one that I can recall on not worrying. My life verse is “Be Anxious for nothing, but I everything by prayer and supplications make your requests be made known to God…
    After being abandoned by a husband years ago with five children, remarrying a pastor and being in the ministry, losing a house through an illegal foreclosure, having fibromyalgia since a teen, and now having a couple of children making extremely poor choices in their lives, and losing two parents in five years has made my life rely on THE LORD for every moment. Until trial comes, is it that we find out if we really trust Him or not. I hope to win your book

  34. Nea says

    Where do I begin? Tracie, your devotion for today on Proverbs 31, along with your blog post, spoke volumes to me; God intervened once again…hallelujah!!! Just a brief evaluation of my life thus far illustrates that a majority of it has been consumed with worry; even so that my mother does it a lot. I really don’t want to worry because I know that without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:6), yet I find myself going back and forth with daily concerns: finances, living arrangements, my weight, my desire to have children, unemployment, taking care of my mother, appointments, meetings, school, and the list can go on and on. Thank you so much for sharing! It really helps to see that you’re (meaning me) not the only person dealing with worry. I needed this today to help me refocus on God and His Word and to take the necessary steps to overcoming worry. God bless you!

  35. Melissa says

    Thank you for your post today. My greatest worry is that I am not listening to what Jesus has to say. I always worry that I am not who I am to be for him and I want so much to be the Christian, wife, mother, friend that he sees me as….. I do worry about the safety of my husband and my children. I am always worried about our financial situation and my husband wants to quit his job and come home and farm full time and be able to minister to others. He feels that God has given him a peace about it BUT it scares me and worries me to death. I am so bad about giving it to Jesus then taking it back. :( Getting into the scriptures and truly understanding on what they say is a must. I know I would be on so much medication for worry and anxiety if it wasn’t for God and his word. But yet I still worry :(

  36. Bridgette says

    Thank you so VERY much Tracie!

    So much of you reminds me of so much of me. I must admit that I too worry. As a matter of fact, I worry some of the very same things that you do as it relate to my kids.

    Tracie, I worry about broken family relationships that hav eyet to be restored, Especially a few years of relational challenges regarding my brother and me. I worry about unsettled pending inheritance entitlement, job future, business venture/s. And lots of times about my two children’s safety and protection

    Yes! I too had the “hot dog worry!” Therefore, I humbly ask that you PLEASE bless me with one of your books
    as I deeply feel will greatly assist and save my soul from this demonic almost every morning tightness in my chest. Kindly help me! Thanks much!

  37. Elizabeth says

    This totally is me! I even worry about how much I worry! I would say the biggest worry challenge for me is the thoughts of tragic death of my children. Thank you so much for this post. 😉

  38. Kathi Whittamore says

    What I worry about the most is my adult children living in the world not knowing Jesus yet and also my grandchildren who want to go to church but their parents aren’t worried about them going.

  39. June says

    What would you say is the difference between worry and anxiousness? Or is there a difference? What about worry and concern? Or are we fooling ourselves in thinking we don’t worry about something, but we’re just concerned or a bit anxious???

  40. Stacey says

    This post spoke to my heart. I am a chronic worrier, and I’ve embraced Psalm 62:6 as my hope to this part of my personality, that at times, I feel helpless with, and it soothes my soul at the most venerable of times. Thank you for this post, it spoke volumes to me, and it is so helpful to see that I am NOT ALONE in the worry department!! Makes my heart shine, knowing we can do all things through HIM!!

  41. Brenda S. says

    My husbands Cancer. For the last year – things have been going from bad to worse. We have had a Christian community that has been praying for my husband in several surrounding cities. Then all of a sudden we got petscan results, saying….. He is remission. God did abundantly above all that I could ask or think. Isn’t that just like God!

    • tmiles says

      Praise God Brenda! Celebrating with you over your husband’s remission! Praying that he stays cancer free and that you both can stay worry free and keep his health in Gods hands.

  42. Patsy says

    If I believe God has everything under His control….why do I worry?
    But I admit I do…I worry about the world my grandchildren are growing up in.
    I worry about work and if I will be able to make it to retirement.
    I worry about finances ….
    I worry about safety for all my family…
    God help us.

  43. Brandy Franklin says

    This post was a great reminder that my worrying really relates to me not trusting in God and that His plan is so much better than my own! I am going to be leaving my job to become a SAHM and of course, I am worried how this will affect my family financially and if we can afford it. Yet at the same time, I realize that my children need me home more than they need money or things. This will be a true test of my trust in God and that He will provide for us!

    • tmiles says

      Brandy, I quit my full time job a few years with the same fears as you! I had no idea how we would survive financially, and honestly looking back, dont know how we did it! But it was all God. If God has called you to be a stay at home mom, then He’s got your back! He will provide for your needs and somehow, even if you dont understand it, it will all work out. Praying that God fils you with peace as you embark on this new adventure of faith! One day you’ll be so glad you had that time with your kids and you wont trade it for the world. :)

  44. Lisa says

    What do I NOT worry about. I have a very intense marriage which is draining me drastically. It is affecting my health. I worry sick about my three children : about their protection, being saved, making wise choices as they are in college, healing of my daughter after a very intense removal of 4 wisdom teeth. I also worry about health related things, my husbands job and our bills being paid for.. I often wonder why would God choose me when I am SUCH a worrier. He wants to give me peace. And He wants me to trust, I often fail in this area. Worry steals my joy every day, it is not what God wants. What a great devotional! Thank you!

  45. Cari says

    Wow! I needed this article and devotion more than you can ever know. I am a born worrier. I can remember making myself sick as a child with worry. Now, being a mother of two school aged girls — I involve my worry in every aspect of their lives. I know this isn’t healthy for my well being, but worry anyway.

    I am going to use the passages from your devotion as a daily reminder to put it all at His feet. I am going to PRAY and then pray some more!

    Thank you!

  46. Paula says

    I worry about my health most. I’ve had unexplained heart palpitations for almost 10 years now, and the doctors can’t agree on how to treat it. I have to daily remember that God knows, and maybe this is just my “thorn” to keep me from taking off on my own.

    • tmiles says

      Paula – anytime our heart seems abnormal that is certainly cause for worry, but unfortunately it causes even more strain on our heart. When I was under great stress I had serious heart palpitations and the doctors couldnt find a cure – turns out it was mainly stress and worry related. So I pray the same is the case for you, and pray that God will take away your worry and replace it with a calm that you havent experienced before, so that your spiritual and your physical heart can be at rest.

  47. says

    I need to have his peace and not worry. We have a long story about trying to sell a house and get a new home where my husband has been working for 4 + years. We also had a worry about my husband’s heart. Anyway to make this short, the house sold and we found one we both liked. We made an offer and were accepted. Great things look good and we had asked the Lord if this home was meant to be bless the sale and help us to get moved. As soon as we got things on a roll the specialist contacted us about my husband’s heart. When he found out that he was working he told him that that was not a good thing. He could put to much stress on his heart before they could get the heart fixed. Now we have a disability income that barely pays the mortgage and the vehicle payments. Not anything extra for bills or food. Plus we have to travel to Edmonton for the surgery. We need some help here Lord. Please if you can find a way we need to clear off some of the debt and have something to live on after the open heart surgery. Hear my plea. Thank you Lord.

    • tmiles says

      Meredith that is certainly a plate full of worries! Sometimes it does seem that its just one thing after another to worry about. I pray that God will bring financial support into your hands in miraculous ways that only He could do, and that your husbands surgery goes well. I pray for His supernatural provision for all of your needs and that He helps you and your husband feel His peace and comfort during this stressful time.

  48. DeenaK says

    I worry about my children and our finances. My daughters tuition is due next week and I have no idea how we are going to pay for it. I have taken all of this to God and am awaiting his direction.

  49. Tamara says

    I worry about my husband finding a stable job because he finds a job that lasts 6-8 months then looses it. I’m very stressed about being the main source of income while still trying to be a good mom. I pray that the Lord would give me more faith to trust in Him.

  50. Beth says

    Everything you described in your blog describes me!! I worry so much it has led me into anxiety and full blown health issues. I can’t watch the news because it starts the worrying process. My daughter will be starting Kindergarten in the fall and I am trying so hard to have faith and not worry – but I feel the worry creeping in. Thank you for sharing your story. I often feel guilty for struggling with this as a Christian.

  51. Hilary says

    Your blog really spoke to me thank you. I am a worrier…I have been my whole life. I have recently begun a close walk with the Lord and am also going through the most difficult time of my life. My husband (love of my life since we were 6 years old) divorced me last week. We have 4 very small boys and the worry is crippling. I am really trying to trust God and live one day at a time but it feels like way too much. Your blog was another reminder that I need to step back from my circumstance and believe in Gods promises. I pray that God speaks to my husband and turns him back as I want my marriage restored. Thank you for your words

  52. Vivia says

    Sadly, there really isn’t ANYTHING I don’t worry about. I am, like you said, a * worrier by nature personality*. Ouch! I do so need your book(and prayers). Thanks.

  53. ashley says

    I worry…I worry about my children, am I a good enough mom? Am I a good enough wife? I worry about, well everything. Try hard as I might I’m usually aboard the worry express all the while praying and hoping God will take it from me…its a struggle and one I know I have to continually lay down. Your blog did speak to me…its nice knowing others struggle with the same thing. I am praying for God to help me trust more so I can worry less. Thank you.

  54. Ann says

    Tracie, your blog is so timely in my life right now. Worry is my biggest struggle. I fight it every day and have been praying to truly find comfort in the fact that God is in control. I have been unemployed for several months and my worry increases as I don’t know how we will continue to pay our bills. I know that God is able to provide for our every need. I know from experience that even when things seem hopeless, God will step in and take care of it. If only I could just take that knowledge and just completely let go and turn it all over to Him!! As I read through some of the comments here, I want to just hug everyone and tell you that I understand and we have to trust in Him. We just have to. He’s bigger than all of our worries and struggles. When we hurt, our Father hurts for us. Virtual hugs to everyone. I am praying for each of you as we struggle with our burdens. Lord, please take these burdens from us and allow us to step aside as Your will is done. Amen.

      • Ann says

        You’re welcome! I think a side effect of worry is negativity! It’s so hard to maintain a positive spirit when life is unsettled and you are consumed with worry. One thing I am learning through my current burden is compassion for others. When things were going well in life, I didn’t take the time to understand and show compassion for what others were going through. Now, I realize how much hurt people struggle with. God is teaching me a much needed lesson. It lifted my spirit to hear that my words gave you some comfort. God bless you and your children. As a child of divorce, I am praying for their comfort through this stressful transition.

  55. Linda K says

    As I am older now, I don’t worry as much as I did when I was younger, but I think I handed down my worrying traits to my daughter. I would love to give a copy of your book to my daughter.

  56. Tena says

    My worries have been around my marriage. My husband move out in May 2013 because he has had multiple affairs. He won’t stop the affairs but will not take steps to divorce. My teenage children have found out about him continuing to see the other other woman and her family while we have been separated and they know we are not divorced. They are very angry with him and don’t want to be around him. I have found a closer walk with God during these times but WORRY that this season in my life will not change. I know the promise that God gives us in Jeremiah 29:11but unfortunately I wonder if I will ever see these promises.

  57. says

    I think worry has become my identity… matter how hard I try NOT to worry, the more I worry. I am so frustrated with myself going around this same mountain day in and day out!!!! Then I knock myself down because I think I am not a good christian because I am not standing on God’s word and truly believing it!! Such a vicious cycle in my life right now. And of course, as we all know, worry and stress affects your health and your relationships big time. I need help obviously. Your devotional today was so timely for me personally.

  58. Kim Mora says

    Worry used to be my best friend, I have worked and still work for the last 40 years to stop worrying. Worrying is the catalyst of many issues and problems that arise within me. I now know that God is in control of EVERYTHING- not just what I want Him to control. So, when it comes to worrying – I look at the birds of the air and see they are taken care of by our great creator and so will I!

  59. says

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience in this area. I struggle daily with stresses of this life and THEN feel guilty for not “giving it to God”. I think, if my faith was true, I wouldn’t stress of these worldly things.
    Again, thank you for reminding me that God loves us as were are and knows of our daily battles.

  60. Amy says

    The things you talk about in today’s blog are almost identical to some of the worries I have and have had in the past. I definitely classify myself as a worrier and as my faith deepens it bothers me that I can’t let go of some of that worry and give it over to God. I appreciate you sharing your experiences with us and I pray I can learn to let God have control of it all!

  61. Louise Harvin says

    I really enjoyed reading your “Encouragement” today. I don’t like to admit it but I do have a tendency to worry. I worry about my children, my grandchildren, my finances. There is always something that causes you to think twice or worry about if you can complete the task or pay the light bill this month. I love the Lord with all my heart and Yes I do trust Him. I often tell my children, “we have trust Him, when we can’t trace Him. When the way is not clear and we can’t see the end of the road/week, just trust Him”. But ther are those times I have to tellmyself the same words I tell them, “Trust HIM Louise”. He will and He can!

  62. Stephanie Waddell says

    Your words today were just what I needed to hear. Just knowing that people are struggling with the same things is a comfort in itself. I don’t feel so alone. My worrying started as a child and has grown as I have gotten older. Today, worrying is almost as constant as breathing and has lead to other uncontrolled emotions: stress, anger, guilt, depression, etc. I know that God is sovereign and in control and that worrying does nothing; however, I can’t seem to get a handle on it. I worry about absolutely everything and I just want it to go away.

  63. Sue says

    I have an incredible over the tope challenge, since our son left home at 18. He began to hop trains back and forth the country, living with friends, and homeless.

    He is now 30, and I am waiting and praying for him to return to faith. We havn’t seen him in 8 years.

    Through God’s over the top care, I’ve learned a good attitude, but it’s the hardest thing my husband and I have dealt with.

    It’s movie material.

    He has a high IQ.

    • Ann says

      I hate it too. I don’t have any ideas other than the helpful suggestions that Tracie shared in this blog. Trust God and when you find yourself worrying, turn to His word for guidance. I will definitely pray for you Dora. Whatever has you worried, I pray for your peace : )

  64. Emily says

    My worries since I have moved to a new state have been overwhelming, almost depressing at times. Me and my son now live with my boyfriend in Florida. I had a job before I left that I really enjoyed, but, wanted to be a family with my boyfriend. I have been here a few months now and haven:t found a job, but, thankfully my boyfriend has a job. Yet and still, I worry if he will be able to pay all the bills on time rent, my car payment etc. I worry that if he isn’t able to pay everything when it require payments, what will we do or happen if we loose the house or car etc. I think about since I am not able to work because right now we don’t have my son in daycare, and food is scarce right now is my son getting enough food until we get our food stamps. Then at times I don’t feel like me and my boyfriend get along too well, so, now I feel stuck, I don’t have any money to do anything move, or even be able to find a place for me and my son. So, I have prayed extensively yesterday and will continue. Trying my best to like the reading you sent today says engrusting God with my situations, and that peace beyond understanding is just a prayer away. I have to trust God He is all that I have and who can do mighty things in lufe, and have others say when they see the favor of God upon me and think to themselves impossible and I will know in my heart that once God opens some doors for me, in His timing, that nothing is impossible with Him.

    God Bless You Tracie and thanks so much for your devotionals you send, they are always a good word in the season that I am going through and help me to stay encouraged and you open my eyes to see things as I should God’s way.

  65. Mona says

    Although I don’t consider myself a “worry-wort”, I am in a season of severe marital problems and cannot control my worries right now. Even after prayer and moments of peace, I will find worry and anxiety creep up on me, and at times I do not even know the “what” it is that I am worrying about! It is such an uneasy feeling! I also know that my sister-in-law struggles with almost constant worry and anxiety about her daughters, and it is almost paralyzing for her at times. Even as I type this, my foot is tapping and my heart is racing, and I can’t explain what I am worried or anxious about, but I just am… Need to figure out how to let it all go!!

  66. Amber M. says

    YOU AND ME BOTH, SISTER! YES YES YES with my hand raised I can say “hello, my name is Amber and I am a worrier” I feel like this post was the right “support group” for me to read today. Thank you for your words and inspirations, I want to give all my worry to God and for him to show me how to take these steps. what peace this will bring. :)

  67. says

    I would like to enter to win the book. One of the worries that keeps attacking me is worries about health or something terrible happening to me. Despite the feelings and emotions coming from this fear, I choose to entrust this worry to Jesus, knowing He is complete control.

  68. Laurel says

    I have always been a worrier to the point of extreme and although I know that God is in control – I can cause myself panic attacks by worrying.

  69. Sandra says

    WOW!!!…it sounds as if you are reading a page from my life. I am a Christian and never really considered myself a worrier until I had my daughter. I remember being keenly aware that I wasn’t as “relaxed” about parenting as my husband. I have prayed over years and I believe that God has revealed to me that in order to stop worrying about every little thing with my daughter I would need to learn to trust Him. So I am trying to trust Him more and worry less. Amazing article, thanks for letting me know it isn’t just me !

  70. Traci Fraga says

    I have lot of worries. I stress a lot. I look back a lot to think about the “easier” times. Anxiety paralyzes me at time. I am blessed with a great job, husband, and children. One just turned 18 and will be stArting college. I worry that all three girls will go and be able to afford it because we cant help them financially. I worry the aren’t looking to CHrist like they should, or that I am for that matter. I lost my son 14 years ago when he was just a toddler, it was devastating. I remained married to philanderer and put up with the mental and emotional abuse because I was scared to be alone. We had a daughter. She is a wonderful child. He divorced me for another woman, I battled cancer, and I reunited with my high school sweetheart. I had joint custody with my ex, but I worried incessantly about what he was plotting about our daughter. He was also threatening to take her. It had driven to to severe insomnia. I was panicked all of the time. My fear became a reality recently. He is an opportunist, and he took an innocent situation and twisted it badly. He is a cop, very devious one. He hates my husband Nd the relationship my daughter has with him. So, he struck at us. He accused my husband of domestic violence and terrorized us for almost 2 years. My daughter and I prayed. She told all the right people the truth, and that she wanted to be with me. But we found that money and power buy a lot, including the justice system. I lost custody and have a pretty limited visitation with my daughter. I now have to pay child support, but I would give up everything to have my daughter. She is so upset and struggling with “didnt God hear our prayers?” And “Why did this happen to us?” I keep telling her that God has a plan. He does. We dont know what it is, but its there. Im now worried about what is going to happen to my daughter during these critical years. She is almost 12 Nd her stepmother and step sister hate her. Their lives have been disrupted, but the stepmother wanted to hurt me more. Both families have been through a lot, and I continue to worry about what’s around the corner. I know God’s got this, but I cant seem to stop the worrying. I could go on and on. Thank you. You are all beautiful and lovers of Christ our Savior. I just keep praying every day for strength.

  71. Amber says

    I never thought I worry too much I always thought I would just doubt sometimes but I realize that they are both worrying wow I need to let go and let God.

  72. Sara says

    This is a fabulous article! I love that you pointed us directly to scripture and encouraged us to let God speak to our hearts about how to deal with worry. I have gradually become a more stressed/worried person over the last 5 years and I am very sad about it. I realize that trusting God is the only answer to moving out of the continually frustration in my mind, but it is a daily battle. Thank you for sharing your wisdom :)

  73. Jennifer F says

    I worry about my 16-year-old daughter, that I have not adequately prepared her for life’s journey. I also am deeply worried about a dear friend who is gripped with chronic, severe alcoholism. She is in inpatient treatment right now, with no desire to be healed.

  74. Meggie says

    Thank you for this post! Very encouraging! I worry about my adult children and the decisions they are making or not making. Often it’s hard to watch them, but I’m learning to let go and to trust God with their lives. Would love to win a copy of your book!

  75. Kelly says

    Tracie, thank you for sharing this message today. I needed to read it, as there have been so many things happening in my life the last two months – loss of loveds ones, pets, and finances strapped because my husband has missed a lot of work due to surgery. I’ve been wondering how to get work done, how to meet my personal health goals, and also how to pay the bills. God is so good and has given me peace, I just need to keep tapping into His presence moment by moment.

  76. says

    As a daughter, I know I must have worried my mother. For example, the night I came home age eighteen just out of highschool and said mom I am going to marry Doug next Saturday. She cried but we had a beautiful wedding the following Saturday. Fast forward I worried about my boys appropriately and then when they were twelve and fifteen I became a nurse and oh my, my worry increased. Now I have adult married sons and grandchildren and I have grown in my relationship with the Lord, I do my very best to take every thought captive to the Lord. I take those anxious thoughts and fears and give them to Jesus. Fears I analyze and renounce what lie I am believing and announce the truth because God has not given us a spirit of fear but power, love and a sound mind. I am reminded of the verse in 1Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. When your are burdened, James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God, and he will draw nigh to you. We have a promise from God in Isaish 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee. In you worry, are you listening do you hear that small still voice, it is God. Isaiah 30:21 And thine ears shall fear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left hand. Of course, my favorite promises are in Matthew 6:26-34 I often share with patients if God takes care of the birds and the lillies and He loves you so much more will He not take care of you and meet your needs. Blessings from one recovering worrier. Diana

  77. Lana Parks says

    Hi Trace. …always a pleasure to read your Encouragement For Today posts. I have struggled all my life it seems with worry. I worried about my children when I was raising them and even now that they are grown and on their own I still worry over their circumstances. I constantly work on trusting God with all my issues and try to stay in today rather than worry. *GIVE IT TO GOD* is my motto but I often take it it back again.
    Probably my greatest worry now that I have a husband with dementia is my role in taking care of him and everything else….All the finances, house upkeep, appointments, etc. Losing my independence to look after him, not having my freedom really worries me greatly. How to find resources when the time comes just is so scary to me. I know I need to trust Him more…..thanks for saying we are one prayer away from feeling that peace.

  78. Kathy says

    Worry is a practice that too many people employ in order to deal with difficulties. I have always been somewhat of an optimist, but when I see my loved ones experiencing bad health or stressful situations, I start worrying. The only way to combat this tendency is to start praying about everything, giving the negative to the Lord and asking for His care and protection. Your practice of giving all thoughts and fears to the Lord and utilizing Scripture to make captive the worrisome thoughts makes sense. God desires us to trust Him and to “cast all our cares on Him, for He cares for you.” (I Peter 5:7). Thank you for giving me the tools to keep “worry” at bay and give me “the peace that passes all understanding. ” Phil 4:6

  79. Deb says

    Thank for sharing about worry. Sometimes it seems like worry comes almost as natural as breathing. Worry is a battle I have combatted most of my life, but God is teaching me to always trust Him with what I cannot control.

  80. Elaine Segstro says

    I worry so much about my husband and my kids – will they be safe? I am a worrier and need to hand it over to the Lord – I know that, but it’s hard. I continue to pray.

  81. Cheri says

    I definitely struggled with worry, many times not even realizing that’s what I’m doing. I’ve worried about my husband, my children, my parents & inlaws, my pets, and way too often I find myself worrying about money. But I’m learning to lean on and trust God because although I can only see a few steps ahead, he sees the whole path. Life is so much more beautiful and I am much more at peace when I remember to do this.

  82. Carmen says

    I often worry about failing those that I love. I’m a single mom and I worry so much about not being a good mother to my daughter. Everyday I pray for her and with her and talk to her about having faith in God’s plan for her life. To trust that everything is for his glory. I try to be the best I can but worry that in the midst of life’s craziness I will fail to be the woman god wants me to be.

  83. Bethany says

    This was spot-on for me. I scored a 48 on your assessment. Yikes. My mom has always told me I borrow worry, and I guess she is right! My biggest worry is not being a smashingly successful wife and mommy. I have impossibly high expectations of myself sometimes, and I worry to no end I’m failing at what I believe God created me to do – be a wife and mother. I try to fill my thoughts with Truth so as to stop the endless worrying. I commit to do better at focusing on what I know is noble, true and right. Thanks for this post!

  84. Catherine says

    It is nice to hear these words and know I am not alone, although I’d rather that none of us worry. It has been a struggle for me and I have dealt with anxiety that has affected many areas of my life. Trusting in God is the only way I can feel free from it. I need to be continually, everyday looking in his word and praying through his promises. Reading your blog was a great reminder for me once again. Thanks.

  85. karen says

    I worry all the time, and then feel so guilty, that I never get things right, know what to do or say, especially in my family, But I know God is in control, still these emotions are so overwhelming. I love that verse and also all pf Psalm 61. Thanks for this article, it is so timely!

  86. Susan says

    What don’t I worry about?! I have 7 kids. Some are grown so I worry from a distance. For the ones at home, I worry about school, choices, friends, sleep,etc. I worry about my husbands faithfulness to me. Money. Health. My mother. Mother-in-law. Job. Housekeeping. The many things I feel I need to get done. The list goes on. Sometimes I worry that God isn’t going to answer my prayers. It’s a low key worry if you know what I mean. I don’t WORRY, but I worry in the sense that I have to have my hands in all of these things, and can’t just give them to God and then let him work. And I lay awake at night and think about them, ya know what I mean?

  87. Christina Fortson says

    I don’t worry to much anymore . I know God holds tomorrow and if He gives it to me , he gives me Grace an mercy for another day. Thanks foe your encouragement.

  88. Sheila says

    I worry about my health issues. That leads to worry about being able to work and then finances.
    Also worry about what I’ll be able to do with my kids.

    • Sandy says

      I receive the Proverbs 31 blog posts. Your message today on worry was exactly what I needed. My daughter and her family (husband and 4 little boys) are preparing to move from Missouri to Colorado. Her husband is to start work on June 17th and they still haven’t found an affordable place to live. I have been on the internet, calling rental agencies, doing everything I can to help find them a home. I’ve been consumed with trying to provide this huge need. I try to leave it in God’s hands and trust Him, then I find myself worrying instead of praying, searching the Internet instead of trusting. Thank you for sharing your struggles with worry. I know I’m not alone in this battle. Satan is pleased when we demonstrate a lack of trust in our Father who gives more than we can even ask for or imagine. God Bless.

  89. Rachel says

    Thank you for your encouragement. Phil. 4:6 and 7 are my worry medicine. If you “take” it correctly, your worries will be replaced with peace…peace beyond understanding. I have a little notebook with these verses written in the front. Then, whenever I am worried about something, big or small, I write it down in my notebook, leaving it with my Heavenly Father and receive His peace. Sometimes I have to write it down many times before I completely allow the Lord to handle every part of my worry, but it works! I think that it is sooo neat that the Lord doesn’t just say, “DON’T worry about anything, just because I SAID SO!” Rather, He says, “don’t worry, DO pray, and if you obey, I will BLESS you by giving you UNMEASURABLE PEACE.

  90. Cindy Perry Klassen says

    Today being my 48th birthday I’ve realized that worrying is not something that I take lightly . . I’ve taken anxiety and depression medication for over 21 years. I worry about everything, I’ve known to get up out of bed to look for something that my husband couldnt find before bed. . .I worry about life, trusting people, love, family, work, everything. It’s consumed my life.


    cindy in harrison, tn.

  91. Dawn Roth-Vazquez says

    I know I shouldn’t but I worry so much about dying……my dad died when I was only 10 and it was hard being raised with only one parent who wasn’t the breadwinner either………I worry so much that it could happen to me and my kids would be left alone with only my husband……I worry they won’t stay in God and so many other things that can happen if I was gone. My daughter won’t have a strong woman to guide her growing up. My sons won’t have a mom to cook them their favorite food and my husband won’t have me around to shoulder the brunt of being a loving parent……I do however know that God will keep my family close to him and whatever his will is is what will be……..hopefully it will keep them close in God ~Dawn Roth-Vazquez

  92. Lindsey says

    I feel I worry about almost everything! Mostly I worry about other people and their happiness. I never worry about myself. My biggest worry is probably my parents financial struggle. My husband and I are doing pretty good for ourselves and I spend more time feeling guilty about things than being thankful for them. Your blog encouraged me so much and I am committing to give my worries to my all knowing savior!

  93. Kelly says

    I worry a lot, mostly about my son. I am a single mother, and my son is everything in the world to me. He has multiple life threatening allergies which takes up most of my worry. He is now graduating from high school and is off to university next September. I started to have anxiety attacks about 10 years ago and had to start taking an anti anxiety drug. I prayed and had others pray for me, but it just subsided, and did not go away. I feel bad at times that I can’t just fully trust God and give it all to Him. I often pray for that “peace that passes all understanding” that I know only He can give. I was having a particularly bad day today (worries related to my son and also some health problems I am having), and when I got home, I opened a Proverbs 31 email, with your devotion on worry which led me to your blog. I think God is trying to speak to me, which is a comfort. I need to commit to praying every time I worry and let go and let God take care of the situation. I like visuals and picturing them. I once saw a visual of putting your worries in a box, wrapping them up and handing them to Jesus, and letting go. I will picture that and hand over my worries to Jesus, and pray that in turn he gives me peace and helps me to fully trust Him. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and for the timing of those words.

  94. Halona Luna says

    Between my family, my poor health and bills I really don’t know which I worry the most about. It all feels so much to bear.

  95. Lyn says

    W – worrying about my kids claiming Jesus in their hearts as their personal Lord and Savior
    O – obsessing about my severely multiply impaired daughter getting sick, injured, or taken advantage of
    R – running our church’s family ministries – 418 kids’ faith walk – always feeling like I should do more
    R – rallying around and caring for aging parents
    Y – you name it, I’ve laid awake at 2, 3 and 4 am this week worrying about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Penny Melendez says

    What do I worry about? This might be shorter if I wrote down what I DON’T worry about… I have health anxiety. I always worry that something is going to happen to me and I wouldn’t be here to take care of my kids or that the financial burden would be too much or that my husband wouldn’t be able to handle it. Stuff that is way out of MY control. Logically, I know that God is in control of it all, but I still worry. I am trying to change my thought patterns, but it’s a VERY difficult habit to break.

  97. Patricia Farthing says

    I like you worry too much and I need to stop. This is a very hard thing to stop doing and I must just turn it over to God and let him handle it. May God bless you in everything you fo.

  98. says

    Definitely, my worry comes mostly from rearing my little lambs. I have four adopted children who are floundering in life. They are hurting and know the truth of the Gospel, but haven’t embraced it for themselves as young men yet.

  99. Beverly Ross says

    My biggest worry is finances I feel like you do I no what God can do and he has never failed me yet but when it come to finances I feel like I don’t trust God and I beat myself up because I no that he said he would supply all my needs according to his riches In glory if we seek him and I seek to be close to him everyday but I feel so distant when I don’t trust him just pray I get to the point where I truly not just know but believe thank you for your being real and truly helping me know that I am not alone of being a worry wart and not trusting God as I should I truly know that it was God that sent me to this site and I truly love it
    thanks so much God bless

  100. Beverly Ross says

    I truly want to cast all my cares on God because I no he can do more than I can but I don’t all the time and it makes me sad because I no God loves me and cares for me prayin that your inspiration and words of encouragement will help in this process with God’s help I would love to have a copy of your book im sure it is awesome being that your article was FABULOUS!!!
    God Bless much love

  101. Suzanne Bond says

    Definitely Need To Let Go Of Worry, Its A Constant In My Life. I Worry About Everything And Dwell On The worry My Husband Is The Same And Tells Me To Let Go Of Things I Can’t Control. Great Article:)

  102. says

    I would like for you to pray for my family and I. we have been without power for over two weeks now. we weren’t able to pay our electric bill because of some circumstances beyound our control. i keep praying and giving the problem to the Lord but my faith right now is weak because of these circumstances. i feel like the Lord isn’t hearing me. i am really struglling with worring right now about how I can get the electric back on. we are also get ready to lose the water

  103. Tabitha Bishop says

    Thanks for sharing this. Cried myself to sleep last night over the marital induced insomnia. Thankfully morning comes and we can be reminded again that God is still with us, watching over us, wanting us to find our all in Him.

  104. says

    i would like to ask for your prayers for my family and I. for the past two weeks we have been without electiricty. I am worried about how to get the power back on. we are also getting ready to lose our water. there were some circumstaces which have may it hard to pay our bills and we are stuggling financilly. I keep praying for the Lord to help me and I know he answers prayer it is that right now I feel like my prayers aren’t getting through. I have asked for help as far .

  105. says

    Worry it tries to seep into everything in my daily life. It is like it is an entity and not an emotion. I’ve been exercising the word to us about taking our thoughts captive and it works but it is a lot of work. I have four kids and only one who is walking with the Lord. The enemy has attacked the other three in areas that are vulnerable in them. I do feel so many times that I have failed them because I tried to protect them from what happened to me as a child and still bad things happened. I am working my anger out at God for allowing those things to happen when I felt I was living my Christian life right. I know I sound like I am hopeless but I know that I am not. He will help heal this in me as he has healed so many other hurts. I praise and thank Him for that. Thanks for your honest comments about worry. It was nice to know I’m not the only woman who struggles with this. Please enter me into your draw for your book. Thanks Tracie, Shelley Bergh.

  106. Kristin says

    Right now I am most worried about our Haitian adoption that has been at a standstill for 2 years. We are at a place where we are totally helpless to do anything but pray. Why does that not seem like enough sometimes? Because we are His hands and feet, but sometimes the hands and feet are not allowed to move, as in this case. It’s frustrating, concerning, worrying, all of that. I can only lay this at God’s feet and trust that He loves those kids, knitting them together before their birth, and He knows what each of their days and ours will bring. Worrying does nothing to help, but it sure expends a lot of energy. This situation we need great wisdom and discernment in, and we must believe that God is stronger than any human government or any power on earth that is in the way. If this is truly part of God’s plan for us, it will happen in His perfect timing.

  107. Sarah says

    I have always been a worrier, although some points in my life contained more worry than others. Currently I’m worried about my upcoming vacation. We are leaving our 3 year old daughter in someone else’s care because my mother was not able to keep her due to an infection. We are flying, and I’m really afraid to fly. It’s sad that such a joyous thing can cause me such stress and worry. I know God has given me some peace already, but I just need the faith to keep seeking it. One thing I did is to reach out to a good friend for prayer. It always helps to know someone you love is interceding for you. In fact, we should know that Jesus is that person, too.

  108. Sue H says

    Tracie, I did the same thing to hot dogs when my kids were younger!! Boy, my brother-in-law made soooo much fun of me:)
    I worry most about…everything! I am a third generation worrier on my Dad’s side. The Lord has helped me make great progress in this area, but I find myself taking back the struggle for me to handle.
    I commit this mess to The Lord…for him to make into a masterpiece!

    What a great devotion!!! Thanks!

  109. says

    Thanks for sharing on “Worry” and being so honest about your own feelings. it’s timely as lately, I find that I am getting tired more easily and breathing is heavy. When I start to think if something has gone wrong or it was those menopause issues, I tried to stop the negative thoughts but to replace them with truth – even if something is really wrong, God has prepare a place for me and not to let my heart be troubled but to trust in God. I am actually more troubled about my siblings salvation.

  110. Emily says

    I have been worried for two years about having a baby. My life-long dream to be a mother was shattered with the infertility diagnosis at the doctor’s office. God has worked so hard on me the past two years – teaching me to trust Him through many different medical procedures, to be patient when I’ve had to wait months and months for an answer from Him, and to let go of my rigid expectations of how my life would turn out. By relying on God’s promises through Scripture and continual support of my husband and my church’s infertility group, I have learned (slowly and not perfectly) that He will fulfill my desires somehow and someway – even if it is not my way. I am so thankful to have read your blog about worries and the gentle reminder to release them moment-by-moment to Jesus.

  111. vicki says

    I worry about the what ifs. I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that God loves me and is in control, but fear/anxiety and worry are keeping me from living life to the fullest trusting Jesus. The only thing that helps me is reading scripture. I do believe God is changing me (which is my prayer) and I give life’s trials and problems to Him daily (moment by moment at times)

    Scripture is so powerful to calm a worried mind :)

  112. Joan says

    I worry about my family , one daughter in particular and I’ll be honest – it is a daily, ongoing struggle to let go and let God handle her situation, especially since she does not know the Lord and her current living situation is a result of many poor decisions. She is married to man who cannot hold a job, they have a sweet 3-month old daughter, and are facing eviction for the 2nd time in a year. I do what I can – buy them groceries, lend them my car, etc. but my husband and I have prayed about this is hard and long and have decided we can no longer give them any money, which we did in the past. We are letting go of supporting them and pray to God we are doing the right thing and God will provide for them. I pray God will increase my faith so I can be sure He is watching over them and taking care. Worrying about them does no good except cause sleepless nights and weight loss. Please, dear God, help them find their way and protect them. Thank you.

  113. Vanessa says

    Thank you so much for sharing this devotion. Such a timely reminder as it is so easy to constantly take back that which we have given to the Lord to protect and guide – my precious daughter, who has just gone away to boarding school and is learning to stand own her own feet and rely on God herself! God bless you!

  114. says

    This is great advice to help us find victory over worry! I’ve discovered that rather than focusing on the problem, by turning my focus to deepening my relationship with Christ, my trust in Him grows. And as you wrote, the more we trust the less we worry!

    Thanks for this encouragement today!

    Blessings, Joan

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