Want to Know a Little Secret?

Shhhh. I have a little secret.  But I plan on sharing it – and I’m excited about it. 🙂

The thing is, I used to be great at keeping secrets.  Especially the secrets of my past that I didn’t want other people to know. I was convinced that as long as I kept up the charade of being the perfect Christian girl, that everyone would like me. But it’s hard to live behind the shadow of a mask. So God called me to share what I wanted to keep secret, and I’ll admit – there are days when I don’t really appreciate Him doing that.

But on most days, I am thrilled beyond belief  to know that God had plans to turn experiences of my past which I thought needed to be kept secret, into opportunities for ministry that I would never have imagined.

In less than 12 weeks, the story God has been writing in my life, full of former secrets which God has now perfectly transformed into stories of peace and purpose, will be out in the open in my new book  Your Life Still Counts: How God Uses Your Past To Create A Beautiful Future.

I’m excited. Nervous. Anxious. Panicked actually. In fact, lately I’ve found myself wanting to hide out in my bedroom and lock the door and not come out until Christmas. Why?

Because when my secrets are exposed, the opportunity exists for people to judge me.

Because sharing our deepest secrets and most painful heartaches of the past is a scary place to be.

Because I’m an emotional kind of girl, and I’m human, and I sometimes worry about what people might say about me.

Because  I know there is a chance that people might think differently about me, or even persecute me.

Because when we open ourselves up for real, feelings of vulnerability can be overwhelming – and nauseating.

But regardless of all those fears, I am excited – because I know there is a higher chance that ministry will take place. That God might use this message to help a broken woman, and a broken heart, find healing and peace. That God would empower women to take a bold leap of faith and do that thing He has laid on their hearts that they have been too afraid to do. That God would help a precious someone escape the shadows of shame and secrecy and recognize that redemption always wins.

So with great faith, I’m sharing my secrets. Not only about what God has done, but about what He has plans to do – in my life and in yours. And in October, you get to peek into my past, my life, my story and I’d love to have you join me on the journey from this point forward. Because God has great plans for all of His children, and that is exciting!

The secret I want to let you in on today is that you are the first to be invited to consider applying for the Your Life Still Counts Launch Team, which will simply be a group of God’s girls helping to spread the powerful message that God has  a special purpose for each one of us – not despite our past, but because of it.

Visit the Your Life Still Counts Launch Team page for all the information. and then if after praying about it and thinking about it, fill out the submission form if you’re interested.

But might I ask you to pray for me either way? My rapidly beating heart could certainly use it.   🙂



** The winner of last week’s Stressed-Less Living Book & Journal giveaway was Rebecca, who posted at 2014/07/23 at 3:06 pm**


  1. Paige on Friday, August 1, 2014 at 9:49 am

    This is awesome, Traci! I’m so excited for you! And yes, I completely get the hiding in your room feeling. I am one who overanalyzes a lot of things like conversations, what others thought, did I say too much, etc etc. It can be paralyzing if we let it get to us. Jesus, fill Traci with the peace that transcends all understanding. Help her see that her step of obedience in sharing will bless others and speak encouragement to the hearts you align to read her book. Let those hearts come to mind anytime she is faced with criticism or Satan’s whispers. Help her discern truth from trash.

    Awesome news, congrats!!!


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