Five Tips for Ensuring Success with Your Goals for the New Year

Hi friend! And happy new year!

As we welcome in a new year of possibilities, we all feel inspired to set goals we want to achieve this year. Yet, we can often find ourselves getting discouraged at the overwhelming thought of actually carrying out the goals we are dreaming about. That in itself can become our biggest obstacle.

And that is the last thing we want to happen as we dream, plan, and look forward to a new year. Below are five tips to keep in mind as you begin stepping into what God has laid on your heart to do this year and mapping out your next steps.

1. Review and examine last year’s goals. As you do, ponder these questions:

* Were your goals too big or too small? Did you shoot for the stars (maybe too much) or not challenge yourself enough?

* Were your goals reasonable based on all you had going on last year in your life?

* How might you need to adjust your expectations in this season of life, based on the obligations of the year you know you have coming up?

* If you missed meeting some of your goals, do not feel like a failure! Instead, identify what obstacles got in the way of achieving those goals so you can avoid them this year.

Be honest with yourself as you ponder all these questions. No guilt allowed! We can all learn from our mistakes and our successes. It’s always important to take a look backward before we can begin truly looking forward.

2. Make a priorities list.

What are your actual, most important priorities this year? Outline your major priorities first and foremost! Consider what is most important to you right now and long term. What would really set you on fire if you achieved it? Set your goals around those inspiring thoughts, as well as your top priorities.

3. Break down those major priorities into attainable goals with actions attached.

While lofty goals sound great, sometimes we set our sights too high which also sets us up for quickly feeling overwhelmed, disappointed and frustrated. To help avoid that, break down your goals into these steps:

* Write out each one of your long term goals. What is your ultimate dream? What would make you feel successful?

* Then, create sub-goals for each long term goal – aka, what are all the little baby steps which need to be taken to get you where you want to be?  Each one of those baby steps get you closer to your desired end result, but help you see your progress along the way.

4. Set reasonable deadlines for every short and long term goal.

Without deadlines, we’ll never achieve what we want to achieve. In the same way a boss would hold us accountable for meeting a work deadline, we need to be accountable to ourselves! If we make our personal goals a priority, and set achievable timelines to meet them, we’ll soon see our accomplishments becoming a reality!

Keep in mind, as you make your New Year’s goals, to create deadlines that work with your real life! When you do, you are giving yourself the opportunity to succeed and feel good about your accomplishments. Think about what is actually doable, not just what you hope to do. Don’t overload yourself with goals that may not be possible due to being a parent, traveling, work, health, mental wellness, etc. Instead, accommodate for such limitations.

5. Reward yourself all along the way!

Who wants to accomplish something great and not get acknowledged or rewarded?! Not me! In your goal setting plan, include how you will reward or treat yourself along the way for each goal you meet. Consider things like a manicure, a new outfit, a peaceful walk in a park, a date night, a big Starbucks latte, etc. If you have an accountability partner who is holding you to your goals, invite them to celebrate every big and little success! It’s always fun to have someone on your side (and at your celebrations!)

Sound like a lot? It’s really not! To put it briefly …. Set your priorities. Create a goal. Break each goal into manageable tasks. Give each task a doable deadline that factors in your every day life, with actions steps attached. Consider how you can reward yourself for successes. Then get to work and stay on track!

You can’t build a house without a blueprint, and you can’t build a dream without a plan.
Starting somewhere will ALWAYS get you somewhere!


Do you have a passion to turn your pain into purpose through the power of words this year? Do you have an incredible story of redemption to tell? Has anyone ever told you “you should write a book”?


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