I feel God is calling me to write a book. But ….

I feel God is calling me to write a book. But ….

I can’t tell you how many women over the years have expressed this above statement to me. They feel called to write a book, and share their story or a message God has laid on their heart, but they know very little about the writing, editing and publishing process. Thus, they get stuck and frustrated and never really pursue their writing dreams.

Or, they love to write and want to follow God’s call, but life throws them a curve ball and circumstances are difficult. Their hearts are heavy, making it feel impossible to continue writing words which will impact the lives of others.

At COMPEL Training at Proverbs 31 Ministries where I serve as Director, we created Direct Access: A Writers Book Club for every woman who has ever spoken this statement above or felt life’s circumstances were standing in their way of becoming a writer.

We wanted to pull back the curtain of mystery about the publishing world and give aspiring authors an opportunity to have direct access to learn from and engage with an author and editor in real time as well as learn inside tips, techniques and strategies about writing through weekly teaching videos, discussion questions, Facebook lives and lots of handouts and free resources.

My new book, Living Unbroken: Reclaiming Your Life and Your Heart After Divorce,  is the featured book for the next Direct Access study beginning Monday, March 1st! I will be leading this study for four weeks with my editor and we would love to have you join us!

This is NOT a study about divorce and it is not a study for divorced women. Divorce is my story and the topic of my book, but this study is focused on teaching writers about how a book goes from a personal experience to a published book and all the behind the scenes things that happen along the way.

If you have ever felt God nudging your heart to be a writer, whether it’s to become a published book author or publish your work online on your own platforms, this is a great opportunity to begin following that call! You can also improve your craft of writing and be inspired to take a leap of faith even if life is hard. If you’re not a writer, but have a friend who is, share this opportunity with them!


Click the video below to watch a brief invitation and information video & find out how to purchase Direct Access and participate in this four week intensive study about writing for only $29.98!

Got a question about Direct Access? Email [email protected] or CLICK HERE to leave me a question in the comments of this blog post! 

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