When It’s Hard to Trust God

When the bills need to get paid and the checking account is waning … when a sick loved one continues to worsen instead of improve … when a problem with a coworker or supervisor seems it will never get better … when you’re mourning a loss … when a marriage falls apart … when a…

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Hi friends! I know how stressful life is – not only in the middle of a pandemic, but just every day life and difficult circumstances. God has taught me to so much over the years about how to live with peace despite my circumstances, and I’ve recorded these lessons, personal stories and biblical principles for…

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I’ve read that the number of times the word “peace” appears in the Bible varies from one version to another, but generally, it ranges from 263 to 428 instances. But this gift of peace, which is our only rescue from a life of stress, can be summed in one verse: “I have told you all…

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Hey friend! I’m so excited about the upcoming release of my new book, a 2nd revised edition of “Stress-Less Living: God-Centered Solutions When You’re Stretched Too Thin” which releases August 24th!  If you pre-order the book you’ll receive a free digital Stress Less Living Companion Journal to use while you’re reading the book! Click here…

The One Determining Factor that Ensures a Joyful Holiday Season

Well, it’s that time of year again. What first comes to mind when you hear that phrase? Personally, I could respond to it in a variety of ways. For me, the holiday season brings on a lot of different thoughts and emotions, housed in more “rooms” in the recesses of my mind than I can…
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Tracie Miles is a bestselling author and the Director of COMPEL Training with Proverbs 31 Ministries.  She helps women grow stronger in their faith, pursue the life of purpose God designed them for and live a life of peace, joy and happiness despite their circumstances.


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